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Sean Payton discusses roster moves

Coach Payton addressed the media after Tuesday's practice

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Post-Practice Media Availability
Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Opening Statement

"We waived linebacker Eric Martin, safety Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, wide receiver Tim Toone, those three players. Placed on injured reserve: outside linebacker Will Smith, wide receiver Joe Morgan, and linebacker Chris Chamberlain. We placed on reserve PUP Victor Butler, and we claimed cornerback Jumal Rolle from Buffalo. We also traded for linebacker Parys Haralson from San Francisco, and he's going to get his physical here this evening. That will put us at 75 right now. Today's practice was really a series of team drills that were specific to the Saints. Tomorrow we'll meet on Miami. We'll work and practice on Miami and then fly in the early afternoon."

What did you see in Parys Haralson that you liked?

"Well, he's a player that there's a lot of film on. He's had a lot of experience as a starter there. He's strong at the point of attack. He's experienced in this system and he's experienced and has had success in a really good defense. Those are some things that, number one you see on film (that) all of his character and football IQ, all those things are outstanding."

You don't expect a great learning curve for him and the defense?

"I don't anticipate that."

Would he be ready to play Thursday night against Miami?

"I probably won't play him Thursday night."

Coming off of a short week, what do you hope to accomplish Thursday night?

"Well, a couple of things. I'd like to see some of these younger players in the kicking game. When you look at the snaps and their opportunities before we get to the final roster, there's still a handful of guys that are still wanting to make an impression. You would say it's their opportunity to make a lasting impression. I've been a lot of places where guys have made the team on this last preseason game. The kicking game will be important. I'm sure what we do offensively and defensively won't be too exotic, and yet you want to see some of the fundamentals that we have been coaching all during camp show up on film."

Obviously the starters won't play much or if at all. Do you have a snap count in mind?

"It really depends. There is a number of guys that I won't play at all and there will be a handful of guys who maybe haven't had as many snaps that we'll give reps to."

Is Ryan Griffin going to start this final preseason game?

"Luke (McCown) will start, and then Ryan will play around three quarters." ![]( "New Orleans Saints")

Tim Lelito seems to have gotten a little more playing time recently.

"He's running with the second group. He's doing well"

What is it about him that you like?

"He's athletic and he's powerful. He's done a good job for a rookie offensive lineman. He's picked things up. He's got the ability to anchor, so you'll see him not only at guard but you'll see him at center some on Thursday's game."

What was your impression of Patrick Robinson's first preseason game?

"I thought he played well. He's a player that might get a little more work than normal in this game Thursday. I thought he handled the snaps well."

What was the rationale in claiming Jumal Rolle?

"Well, he was just a guy that we had good grades on. I think we are pretty deep at the position, and yet here's a guy that has good size, good ball skills, and transitions well. You don't find out until the waivers are turned into the league office and then you are awarded the player. So that is something that happened just a little bit ago. He's an interesting prospect, a first-year guy, a rookie, so we will take a peek."

Can you address Ryan Griffin's progress in camp?

"I think he's handled this transition very well for a first-year player. The snaps he got the other night were good for us to grade. He's able to digest and spit out the terminology pretty fluidly and pretty quickly; I think that has helped him. He's got a demeanor that you want at that position. He'll get more work on Thursday, but so far he's doing well."

Did Griffin play with the kind of tempo that you look for from your quarterback last week?

"Yeah I thought- and that really is everyone, not just the quarterback- in and out of the huddle we were better than we had been in week one. Getting the personnel on the field is always a little more challenging without a specific game plan in the preseason than when you get into the regular season, but its something that we've been pretty good at and will continue to work at."

Can you talk about Will Smith's unfortunate injury?

"He's the longest tenured player on our team with the Saints. Its disappointing and I know he's frustrated because he's put a lot of work in this offseason to, number one, get his weight where he wants it and the position change and he was handling all of that well. It's frustrating and I'm disappointed for him. I know he is.

Were you surprised that the injury report was what it was with the way he walked off the field?

"No, I think that's pretty typical. I think he's a pretty tough guy. It's going to take a lot for him to be carted off."

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