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San Francisco 49ers players talk about overtime win over Saints

Postgame quotes from San Francisco 49ers players on Sunday, Nov. 9, 2014

Official team photos from the New Orleans Saints vs San Francisco 49ers game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Sunday, November 9, 2014. Photos by Michael C. Hebert (New Orleans Saints photos)


"Our mindset was, we've got to win. And to do that we had to get the running game going. Our offensive line was doing great blocking and they (Frank Gore and Carlos Hyde) were running great and we just stuck with it."

"I felt I had a decent game, but I made too many turnovers. I can always play better."

On 51-yard completion to Crabtree:

"I mean, that play, it turned into a scramble. Crab made a great play getting across the field and the offensive line did a great job giving me a lot of time. He (Crabtree) was like the third or fourth guy I looked at while I was scrambling. And I was real happy when I saw how wide open he was. I wasn't expecting it, but I'm glad it ended up that way."

On first quarter scores:

"It was huge. It allowed us to settle the crowd down and give our defense time on the sideline and not to be on the field a lot."

Running back FRANK GORE

"It was a great win, a great team win. New Orleans, you know they were playing great ball, we know that, and today was a must win. The way we played, with me running the ball a lot, showed that's the way we can rush the ball. As long as we can establish the running game and stay on the field, we'll be fine."

"We know we're playing in a real tough division. But, we knew we had to come in here and fight for a win. Like I said, New Orleans was playing great ball. But we knew we had to come into a real tough environment and get a win and that's what we did today."

Wide receiver ANQUAN BOLDIN

"I thought the first part of the game we did what we wanted to do. We established the running game and we went out and made plays. In the second half we didn't make as many plays, but we obviously did enough to get the win."

"We were out there playing in a do-or-die situation. And I mean we had guys out there who came up big at the right time. We said it all week, that we felt our backs were against the wall. And this was a must-win game for us and that's what you saw."

"Whenever you establish the run with those two guys (Frank Gore and Carlos Hyde), you set the tone. We gave the offensive line a chance to show what they can do and they created a lot of holes – all of those guys made plays. And we look forward continuing to do that."

Defensive tackle JUSTIN SMITH

"It was huge; we needed the win. We ran the ball great and we kind of got back to our winning formula; and that included us playing good enough on defense and it paid off today. That's our identity and that's why we won today."

"The strip (from Brees) that Ahmad (Brooks) made was huge. I mean we got the ball back right there and we don't have to run any offensive plays. All we had to do is kick the ball and win the game and that's what Phil (Dawson) did. Whatever happened here last year – about the call and all – I can't really worry about it. But it went our way today and we've just got to keep on going from here on out."

"Where we stand in the NFC and in our division – we had to win today. They (Saints) didn't have to win as much – I mean I'm sure they wanted to win the game, but we came out and won and this keeps us alive and now we've got to get ready for the Giants."


On sack/fumble in overtime:

"I was really surprised he (Brees) held the ball as long as he did. I was rushing and turning the corner and thinking to myself, 'dang, is he going to throw the ball yet?' But he didn't, and I was able to make a play."

On reaction to offensive pass interference at end of regulation:

"I was like, 'yes,' you know, we are still in it! If they had called the game-winning touchdown the game would've been over and we would've lost. So I'm happy he pushed him."

Comparing sack/fumble on Sunday to penalty in last year's game in New Orleans:

"It is ironic. One of my teammates came up to me on the sidelines after the play that happened and he said 'karma is real' and I'm like 'I don't believe in karma. You know what I mean?' But that play was real similar to last year, in a sense."

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