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Saints transcripts: Kaden Elliss and Calvin Throckmorton media availability | 2021 NFL Week 4

Saints players look back on Week 4's loss to the Giants.

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Kaden Elliss

Video Call with New Orleans media

Monday, October 4, 2021

What did you learn from the game yesterday as a takeaway going forward?
"It's Something coach (Sean Payton) has stressed and the leaders have stressed and then just from watching the film it's evident, in our details, in the little things, technique. I think it's something that can often get lost as you get into the routine of the season because now you're focusing so much of your time and practice, in meetings on the people you're playing next. We focus so much time on what they do, how they do it, how we react to it and you start to think a little less about what you do and why you do it well and the little steps, the little things with the hands, little things communication wise. Those details and that small minute technique get overlooked. I know personally there were some things that I did in this last game that when we are back in training camp that wouldn't happen because every day was focused on me. I was focused on how I have to get better and I think that's something you can't lose and I know that's something (and) if you watch the greats that's something they never lose. So I think that the team and me personally, that's something that we saw on the film and we're going to get fixed."

Why do you think the defense couldn't get pressure on Daniel Jones in the second half?
"I think they made some adjustments on how they're picking up our games. It's almost like they were letting our rushers go, just knocking the penetrators, which obviously gives them a second more. When someone's coming to hit him and they got a bunch of the big plays where (Christian) Ringo is right in his face, Cam (Jordan) is right there in his face, but he (Daniel Jones) had just enough time and his receivers had just enough time to get open. So that's something we'll look at and dive into more, but as coverage and pressure we work together and we got to be able to get to them quick and they got to make them hold it just long enough for us. Everybody sees it when we are all working together and we're on the same page. It's a pretty nasty combo. So we'll be sure to get back to that."

Were there any one or two elements that stuck out even more after you watch the tape that really sort of stuck with you that was uncharacteristic for you guys down the stretch?
"I think it goes back to Amy's first question to just the little things, details. I mean, every position group and every player could name what theirs was on defense, on offense, on special teams. For me to try to, you know, name a bunch of them would be tough just because I mean every group has it. So really, that's what it is, it's details of our job and doing your job and trusting your teammates do their job, and then our techniques, my technique just every time, every play, no matter what the offense is doing, going through what you work on every single day at practice. What you work on every day in the offseason to get ready, making sure that that doesn't get lost in the heat of battle."

During training camp, you're one of the guys that stays on the field the longest working on those little things. Is that something that you're going to be doing again moving forward this week? How do you balance trying to prepare for Washington, but also knowing that you personally have some things that you need to clean up?
"Yeah, that is a balancing game because obviously you're in season so you've got to spend more time now with rehab and treatment and being proactive in that. You have to spend obviously a lot more time preparing for a new opponent. And then, like we were talking about, you do not want to lose what got you to the point where you are at and your technique. So yeah, I mean, definitely after practice, maybe some time before practice and I'm a big visualization guy. Like, I believe you can trick the body into thinking that it went through another rep by simply visualizing it. I think that's just something that I am going to do and I'm going to work on and try to balance throughout the day. Also be a great dad and husband and brother and all the other things I've get to be in this world, but finding time to do those little things that will pay dividends for us and this team, this city so we can go get some more wins."

Yeah, the defense as Demario and several of your leaders said yesterday, y'all take a lot of pride in being a strong asset for this team so how frustrating was that yesterday just knowing that your leaders took some of the blame for this?
"It's really tough because obviously they're the head of us all. It's me and all the other guys with them and the guys behind them trying to push them and help this team be elite by having an elite defense. I think we're up 11 with seven minutes left and that's not something that, (you) should never come out with an L in that situation. So that hurts and I think that's what makes this loss pretty painful, but it's something that if used correctly can motivate us. It's something that if used correctly can push us and we've got to learn our lesson now and allow ourselves to get some wins rolling like we have every year since I've been here and even the years before that. Just start racking them up by doing little things right, holding each other accountable and by letting it hurt a little bit because that will push us."

New Orleans Saints offensive lineman Calvin Throckmorton

Virtual media availability

Monday, October 4, 2021

In the fourth quarter yesterday you guys had the big lead but failed to score again. What made things unravel towards the end of the game on offense?
"I think it comes down to having pride in having the ball at the end of the game and having the determination to going to get those few first downs we needed to put the game away. As on offensive line we pride ourselves in doing that. We felt we were running the ball well yesterday, but ultimately have to be better at the end of the game. That's really what it comes down to."

How do you feel that you've played since you were thrown into the starting lineup after Erik McCoy's injury?
"I think I've made a lot of strides over the last few games. I'm gaining this in-game experience over the last few games and obviously I still have a lot of stuff that I need to continue to work on. I'll go to work and correct what we want to correct, but I think it's just about taking it day by day and choosing the few things we need to work and improve on. Just get better every day and as we get guys back, continuing to do that and just prepare as a starter. Whenever those opportunities and situations come up again, we'll all be ready to go to help us compete."

What's the message for the team after a loss like that yesterday?
"I think it's just really about taking the time to digest this and not only from an individual standpoint, but from an offensive unit standpoint and a team standpoint. Just taking the time to see our mistakes like we did this morning and correct what we want to correct and move on. We need to have a great week of practice this week and head up to Washington and take care of (our business)."

What's the key to being ready to come off the bench as an offensive lineman?
"I think it really comes down to the standard that we have for offensive line play throughout our (OL) room and the respect we have for one another. We definitely want to have that expectation that everyone is ready to come into the game. Kind of like I said, everyone prepares like they're the starter, so when those situations do come up, nobody's surprised or bats an eye when someone comes in so we can get the work done that we need to get done. We already practice like that throughout the week so when those situations do come up, it's already been addressed. It's nothing we've never dealt with before."

What else goes into being ready off the bench to ensure that the offensive line unit is cohesive?
"It comes down to the time we take during the week to watch the tape together and basically make sure that all sets of our eyes see the same thing, so the communication is on point. So, if someone has to come in the game because someone goes down, then we can make sure we all see the same thing because we've practiced that when watching the tape. We've taken the time to do that during the week to prepare as a unit so we can all see the same thing."

What are some of the takeaways that you've gotten from watching the film on yesterday's game?
"I think it's just being able to finish. I think it really comes down to that in the general sense of when you're up later in the game, you can rely on the offensive line and the offense to put the game away. It comes down to that mentality and not relaxing or anything towards the end of the game so we can make sure that we finish it."

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