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Saints transcripts: Cameron Jordan, Alvin Kamara, Deonte Harris and Payton Turner media availability | 2021 NFL Week 4

Saints players look ahead to Week 4.

New Orleans Saints Defensive End Cameron Jordan

Post Practice Media Availability

Thursday, September 30, 2021

How do you feel about facing a quarterback (Daniel Jones) who's leading his team in rushing?
"I don't know if I know how to answer that. I do know that within every game plan we are going to focus on trying to eliminate his ability to rush as well as we know what their main running back (Saquon Barkley) can do. I think they've got a lot of talent from bringing (Kenny) Golladay over from Detroit to Evan Engram to the first round young boy (Kadarius Toney) that they brought in to again Saquon and Daniel Jones."

I remember you did some social media posts about having to do some repairs around your house, you mentioned the roof I think.
"I mean, look we all had some issues coming back, I don't think anybody came out unscathed and I definitely wasn't. It took up my fence, like, how do you, it took up the summit blocks, confused. I was missing a little from the front like Sharief (Ishaq) (laughter), and then I realized I had a lot missing on the backside. It took me by surprise. I'm sorry, you didn't deserve that. I missed you."

You know (Sharief Ishaq) just had his first kid, right?
"I know, I know I commented on it. I was like he's a whole dad now (laughter)."

I remember that happened once during Katrina where we had to replace the whole fence. Is it just kind of weird though being on your property and losing that privacy?
"Yeah, Ida happened and then once it passed maybe it was two days after I came back into the city. Me and a teammate flew in and had to go get our own perrspective, he went to go get his car, I want to go check on the house. Make sure there was no leakages, God's blessings it was all cosmetic. Sort of ripped up my little turf that I had so we're getting that redone, gate, some random floodlights, the gutter situation so again all cosmetic, so glory to God. The whole family was safe, was able to evacuate when I evacuated and you can't put a price on health and my family was healthy and all this other stuff, if insurance doesn't take care of it, I've been blessed with enough years in this league and I'll be just fine. I'm more worried about the city, the community and honestly there are so many more families that are affected by this (more) than I am. That is why I think our team tries so hard to help our community as it was when we were in Dallas and as we will be going forward."

How excited are you to be back in the Caesars Superdome with a normal crowd?
"I have no idea. That's another question I just don't know yet, like, it's been a full two years since I've seen the crowd fully fitted, a year and a half? So for us to go into, are we at full capacity? I don't even know what to expect. I am trying to prepare my rookies from last year like Malcolm Roach and my rookies this year because when the crowd is rocking as we know it all can do, it's deafening and it can be rattling if you are not used to that. Especially if you come from a University of Houston, not knocking the crowd there, but just saying when you get 75,000 full fledged who dat's in there, phenomenal, take over."

What does that do for you guys on the defensive line, just everybody's tall and long, like how does that help you guys?
"I don't know about everybody's tall and long. Have you not seen Malcolm Raoch, (Christian) Ringo. I think that officially now includes me."

That wasn't a short joke.
"I'm looking at Tanoh Kpassagnon just like I'm confused like why is he 6-7, Marcus (Davenport) is 6-6, young payday (Payton Turner) is 6-5, Grando (Carl Granderson) is alleged some days, he's 6-3, some days he's 6-4 ½, some days he's 6-5 depending on his posture. I don't know when I became the short defensive end and I don't, like I don't know how to feel about being this short thing. So I'm going to take it as if you're talking to me, but that's okay. I think that with our length we're going to be able to effect the pocket, effect the passer like we've been able to do the first and the third game and a little bit of the second game. And I think, again, we have to be more consistent. I think what you've heard from Sean Payton is we want to be a consistent team. We want to be somebody who's even keeled. And we've put on a display the first game, we've put on a talent show that third game and we have to continue from there. If we could have every game end up like the third game I'll be just fine."

New Orleans Saints Running Back Alvin Kamara

Media Availability

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Can you talk about the excitement of the team returning to New Orleans and to the Caesars Superdome on Sunday at full capacity?
"I think everybody is looking forward to that. We haven't had a game at full capacity in (over) a year. So everybody's excited."

Can you talk about your excitement at being back in the Ochsner Sports Performance Center for what you do every day and just sleeping in your own bed?
"It wasn't really about what was going on in New Orleans (why he longed to be back). It was for our football team. Just being in our facility, being in our locker room, having our schedule, that's the main thing."

I think you are one of the favorites to jump into one of those bunker suites to celebrate a touchdown. Have you thought about it?
"I'm definitely going to be in there (laughter). I said that when we practice in the (Caesars) dome during camp. I'm going to jump right in there."

Are there any rules or restrictions?
"Anything goes (laughter)."

Isn't there a wall you have to jump over?
"It will be alright. I'll jump higher."

Were there any impressions you could share personally about your first week back here after Hurricane Ida?

"No, the lights (stoplights) still are not working downtown. They still flicker yellow so I'm just running through the lights (laughter)."

Do you think that regardless of the pandemic, fans will be even more hyped up for this game at full capacity after Ida, possibly giving them a three-hour escape for what they are dealing with from recovery?

"Yes, this city is fueled by the Saints, just being able to back in there after a year, then obviously the Hurricane, it's something to take everybody's minds off what's going on. We're excited. I know the city's excited. We're just ready."

With 24 carries and 27 touches, do you feel that this week after the Patriots game on Monday or Tuesday or is it not all that different?

"It really doesn't feel that different to be honest."

Jameis Winston was asked yesterday about the 38 runs in the Patriots game and the team's propensity to run the ball and explained that he has you and he has an excellent offensive line, even though he has thrown for 5,000 yards. Do you agree with that flat out or is there a part of you that would like to see more from the passing game?
"You always want to play a balanced game, but some games might be more pass-heavy than run and some might be more run-heavy. Our attitude going into that game was we wanted to beat the Patriots with our run game and I think it was working. Sean (Payton) got into one of those flows and kept dialing it up. I don't think it wasn't we couldn't throw that game. I think Sean kind of wanted to get the run going and have the o-line feeling good. We were feeling good and running well."

The fact that there are seven touchdown passes, show that plays can be made?
"We're not deficient. I don't think it's where there is a weakness why we're running."

Do you think people look at the volume too much since there has been an efficiency in the passing game?
"Anybody that watches the game of football and has the knowledge of football knows what's going on. It just is what it is sometimes."

New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Deonte Harty

Post Practice Press Conference with Local Media

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Happy to be back?
"I am, got to sleep in my own bed."

What did you do the first couple days?
"Just tried to get my house back to normal. (I) Had a little damage to my house, so just trying to get that taken care of really."

What repairs are you having to make to your house?
"I just had some problems with my roof and then some mold going on the walls, some on the ceiling."

How excited are you about playing a game in the Caesars Superdome?
"Too excited, I can't wait you know dealing with covid last year and only being able to have a certain amount (of fans) towards the end of the season and then this year we get the hurricane and now we got to play in Florida so to be able to be back with Saints nation and just have a full, packed stadium it'd be good, can't wait!"

What's it like when you run out of that tunnel?
"It's crazy like, I still remember coming out preseason my rookie year and it was probably only like 20-30,000 people and I was like damn this is the loudest (stadium) I have ever heard and then when I heard it packed for the first time I was like it's crazy. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get that same feeling like the first time I had when it was packed because it's been a minute."

Does it feel like the last time that place was full was your rookie season does it feel like it's been that long?
"I feel like it's been longer to be honest. Like I said, I just can't wait to get back to it."

You had some nice third down conversions, was that a glimpse of what you can be going forward?
"I mean I kind of always want the ball. I don't know if that's selfish or not, but I just try to come up whenever my number is called and it just so happened to be called on third down at that point in the game."

You almost took a punt back, how close were you to taking it back?
"I feel like it's like that almost every week, like every time I touch the ball, I feel like it's always just one guy. I just got to get back to the drawing board and just make the one guy miss."

How much were you sort of like worrying about stuff back in New Orleans while you were away?
"This is my first like hurricane ever that I won't say experienced because I wasn't here, but I didn't know what to expect to be honest. I just did not want my house to be knocked over."

Was it demoralizing a little bit like saw the roof was missing shingles?
"Yeah, definitely and then just seeing things on the internet going on throughout New Orleans and you kind of just feel bad for the people who can just pick up and leave and they got to just go through it. So prayers out for them and hopefully everybody can get back on their feet soon."

How much more potential or how much more do you think you can impact the passing game?
"I don't know. I mean all I do is just go out there when they tell me to go out there and just be ready whenever my numbers called. I study the playbook. I get with the quarterbacks get with the coaches and just talk over things. And like I said, just try to make a play whenever my numbers called."

How does it feel to be more involved in the passing game now?
"I'm never really satisfied. I feel like I could always do more. But I feel like I'm definitely taking a step in the right direction."

New Orleans Saints Defensive End Payton Turner

Post Practice Press Conference with Local Media

Thursday, September 30, 2021

How does it feel to actually be home?
"Great, you know I've never missed this much humidity ever so it's good to be back."

Did you have time to get an apartment prior to the hurricane?
"Yeah, I got a little spot, it's confidential, but I got a spot. I got (a place) during OTAs so I'm good now."

What was one of the first things you did when you got back?
"Hit the bed. But, definitely went and got some food, had to, missing the food so that was good. Went and ate some pasta, some Cajun, got some crawfish in there."

What was your first NFL game day experience like?
"Exciting, I got my first place under my belt. Got a first everything, got first penalty, got my first TFL (tackle for loss) so quite an experience. But really that's all."

What was the adjustment like in your first NFL game?
"Yeah, you come out here practice. They make practice harder than the game. So it's kind of what I expected going out there and playing in Carolina."

What are some things you need to improve on?
"Just keep getting better at every aspect, whether it be technique, pass rush, run stopping, just everything."

How long have you been ready to go before you received the green light to go out and play?
"(I'm) always ready. Always ready to get some action. But I got the thumbs up. I was ready to go excited for that first opportunity."

How disappointing was it to get sidelined early in your rookie year?
"Oh, it's just another bump in the road. Everybody has their own journey to get on the field and that was kind of my way getting there so it was alright."

What are your impressions of Daniel Jones?
"He's a good quarterback. He's athletic, he can do a lot. But it's more about us than it is about him. We're going to have a game plan in place, but just go out there and execute."

How excited are you to play a game in the Caesars superdome?

"(I'm) super excited. I have only heard great things about the dome and the fans here. So I'm excited to get out there and play in front of them. It's loud, like third/four down you're not going to hear anything so just communication is going to be big, especially for the defense when we're out there. But I've just heard that it's deafening, so I'm excited to get out there and play."

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