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Assistant Head Coach/Linebackers Joe Vitt and Saints players met with the media following Friday's game against the Jaguars


Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New Orleans Saints
Friday, August 17, 2012
Postgame Quotes
New Orleans Saints Assistant Head Coach/Linebackers Joe Vitt

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Opening Statement: "I thought in the second half our younger guys came in and competed. I thought that was a heck of a two-minute drill by Chase Daniel. I thought our younger guys in the second half on defense played well, but they had some calls that went against them that we need to overcome. We were disappointed in the way the defense tackled to start this game. I think there is a cause and effect to everything. It was a misdirection offense, a couple of zone pressures that we need to be able to redirect as a linebacking corps and make plays on. The tackling in the first half was disappointing. It is something that we are going to have to work extremely hard on this week. We need to do a better job protecting Drew (Brees). He took a hit on the fumble, and we need to do a better job on that. I look forward to getting back to practice this week and to getting our guys back to work. This is something, as a coach, you kind of relish, to get a player from point A to point B, to get a team from point A to point B and then point B to point C. We have a lot of coaching to do and things to clean up. I am ready to get it done this week."

Can you talk about Travaris Cadet's game?
"It was pretty good. I think he has grown in the offense. I think he is doing a better job of running his routes. I think he is really doing a good job of getting his head around and locating the ball. As a running back, I think he is doing a great job of catching the ball outside of the framework of his body. You saw tonight, he can do some things after he catches the ball and make some guys miss. I don't think it's by coincidence, he has been practicing and what you do in practice it gives you a better chance to do in the game."

Can you discuss Joe Morgan bouncing back in this game?
"He kind of mishandled a kick to start the game and bobbled it but I was very happy with the way he came back and competed after that and put that last play behind him. It's a growth process. The longer he plays in the game and the longer he practices with us and becomes a part of our system, he is going to learn the most important play is the next one. I thought he recognized that tonight. I thought he got better tonight."

How did you think that Jonathan Casillas performed?
"I've said it a million times, I like in his what we saw in him when he came out of Wisconsin, he's fast, he's quick, he's got range and outstanding cover ability on the back and front end. He can make plays in space. It's all fun with Jonathan Casillas if we can manage his durability, and I think he is doing a great job of that right now. When you are healthy, you have to work hard by doing all the little things in the training room to stay healthy and I think he is doing that right now."

New Orleans Saints Player Quotes
QB Chase Daniel
Can you talk about your touchdown pass to Joseph Morgan
"We saw on film that they were playing a low cover 2 slot. We just had Joe Morgan, a guy who has Olympic speed, go right and run a post route. He ran underneath the safety who didn't play it really well. I probably took one more hitch than I wanted to because I couldn't see the backside safety. He was pretty wide open. I just had to get it out there. He's a pretty fast guy."

CB Corey White
Did you think you had made an interception on the play that was reversed by officials replay challenge?
"I thought I had it. I held on to it. My first impression was that I caught it. The referees did a good job of reviewing it and clearing up the play."
LB Scott Shanle

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What did you think of the defense's tackling tonight?
"We knew that without the coaches telling us that it is something that we need to work on. The good news is that we have a couple of weeks here to get it ready. We will definitely be working on it. We have a lot of prideful guys. We are going to pride ourselves in being one of the best tackling teams in the NFL."
WR Joe Morgan
Can you talk about your touchdown reception?
"Yes, I was surprised that I got that wide open. You could see the separation. That's one of the reasons why they brought me in here last year. My speed is going to be one of my biggest assets that I bring to the game. I use it to the best of my ability."
RB Travaris Cadet
Can you talk about your performance tonight?
"I just go out there and give it my best. I try to get out there and progress each day. I feel like I need to do more. I'm never satisfied. There were some plays out there that I could have done better that could have put us in a better situation. I feel like those are plays I need to make to be a part of this team."
QB Drew Brees

Was it good work getting to play into late in the second quarter?
"We had a number of plays in mind. Obviously, that stretched further into the second quarter than we anticipated. I'd say that was a product of a few things. Number one, the second drive was a three and out and the third play was the fumble. It would have been nice to go down on the second drive and score points because we probably would have been out of there. Plus, their offense seemed to stay on the field quite a bit. There three drives, prior to us going down, were pretty lengthy. That chewed up a lot of clock."

Can you talk about the pressure younger players might feel about making plays and making the team?
"If you look at our team, more so than any (other), the guys that are playing have nothing to do with draft status. It's all about how you come in and how you've worked yourself into a position to be a contributor on this team. Marques Colston was a seventh round pick. Lance Moore was undrafted. Jimmy Graham was a third rounder. Our entire offensive line are late round draft picks with the exception of (Ben) Grubbs who we got in free agency. There's Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory, There are multiple guys who are contributors who certainly had to pay their dues to put themselves in a position to be one of our core players. Sometimes it takes a few years. You're on the practice squad or maybe you get released and brought back. There have been plenty guys who have traveled that road and have been very successful. We have quite a few to prove that."

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