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Saints player postgame interviews after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game

Transcript of postgame interviews of Saints players


On what comes to mind after a game like today:

"We fought hard, and fought hard to get back. I let my team down in the most critical part of the game, so I take full responsibility for that. I need to make it up to them."

On his fumble in the fourth quarter:

"It was a screen play, and the corner just shot off of the edge. I don't know if my knee hit it out or my foot; I don't really know what happened, but bottom line is that I need to hold onto the football and protect the ball. I can't have a turnover in that situation, or any situation. I let my teammates down in a really critical part of the game where we were trying to make a drive to win the game."

On the struggle to stay focused after falling behind early:

"We were battling, and we had gotten beind, but we were making plays to get ourselves back in the game, and we just have to finish.  I feel like we gave ourselves a shot, and we just didn't finish."


On Drew Brees' possible injury affecting him:

"I think that is something we'll have to evaluate after the game, but he was pressured a lot, which is never good. You never want your quarterback to be under duress. He is the one who runs this offense, so we have to do a good job of protecting him."

On the frustrations of not being able to execute in key situations:

"I would say it's very frustrating. We just didn't execute. Tampa Bay came in and they played better than we did. It's very simple. Football is a very simple game. You go out and play your best. Usually, you give yourself a good chance of winning. When you miss assignments or you allow pressure on the quarterback or when you turn the ball over, you make it very tough on yourself to win the game."


On the pass protection:

"It's just something that we have to get better at."

On trying to rebound after an 0-2 start:

"We just have to come together as a team. I love this team. We have a lot of great guys. We have a lot of young guys. We are going to run into obstacles like this, but that is when we need to come together as a team."

On losing six consecutive home games:

"We just have to get it back.  We just need to get one.  You can't win five in a row until you get the first one. We have to get it back going."


On his fumble:

"I thought like I was being chased when I caught the ball. I was trying to open up. He punched the ball out. That's my fault. I have to protect the ball and make sure that it doesn't happen again."

 On if turning the ball over is a concern:

"No, we just need to watch the film and learn from it. We are going to get better every week. The guys believe in each other. I feel like we can play together as a unit."


On his roughing the passer penalty just before halftime:

"I really can't do anything else. I just have to play the next play. I don't know what they want us to do in that situation when the quarterback retreats."

On the team having the right mindset:

"We have won a lot of games around here. For many years, we have had a good record. We have the mindset of a great tradition. Two years ago we were in the playoffs. You just have to enjoy the process. Just keep it the same every week and we will win some."

On the fourth-quarter defense:

"We need to give the offense more chances to win. There are times when we struggle and the offense is going to have our backs. We just have to keep creating turnovers. We have to match them. If they get three, then we have to get four."


On getting pressure:

"I'm not sure how many pressures we got, but we were in the backfield a lot. We had a few sacks this week. A lot of young guys got their first taste. Unfortunately, we did come out with the win. That's what we need to focus on."

On the defense coming up with crucial stops at certain points:

"I think a lot of guys stepped up. They played big when we needed it. We have to get to the point where we don't have to play big. We have to come out strong in the first half. We need to find a way to get the game going in our momentum. We will be doing that this week."

On looking at this game with a positive eye:

"You can look at it with a positive eye anytime that you win. Everything that you did wrong is definitely going to be an emphasis for this upcoming week. I think a lot of the young guys stepped up. I think the defensive line is starting to play pretty well. We rallied in the second half. We just need to start out stronger in the first half."


On the Buccaneers offense playing with confidence in the second half:

 "You have to give them a lot of credit. They made some plays. (Jameis Winston) stayed calm and made the plays that he needed to make. We just needed to execute better."

On the two fourth-quarter takeaways by the defense:

 "I think it gave us a chance to win. That is all you go out there to do. We just did our best and hoped for a better outcome."

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