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Saints Owner Tom Benson's Remarks from Rally

Benson Encourages Weary Louisiana Residents to Continue To Battle Despite Threatening Oil Spill

"I would like to begin by thanking Governor Jindal and his fine staff for having us down here today to lend some support to the great men, women and children of this area. It's an honor to be in the presence of leaders such as Governor Jindal, Plaquemines President Billy Nungessor and St. Bernard President Craig Taffaro." "The first thing that comes to mind when I think of this terrible situation is the continued pain and agony being experienced in these very waters is about the men who tragically lost their lives, but have families, friends and loved ones that most endure these most difficult days, weeks and months."


"It certainly goes without saying that not only this region, but also our neighbors in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida are all feeling the effects of this oil spill. They call us the Gulf Coast, and we are all in this together and are teammates in battling this horrific disaster."

"It is my hope today that the people of Plaquemines Parish and beyond take heart in the valiant efforts of what can be achieved through teamwork, tireless dedication to getting this fixed and cleaned up, and that we get back to our most cherished way of life. It's not easy or in many regards, even comprehensible, to try get our arms around the task at hand."

"But I do know this … there are no people in the world that have a stronger resolve and understanding of how to deal with adversity than the people that make ups these neighborhoods and waterways. We will find a way, we will defeat this gruesome opponent and we will return this great part of the world to a Championship Level. Right now we are down, but mark my words: WE WON'T STAY DOWN!"

"I ask each of you to continue to draw inspiration from your friends, family, neighbors, and most importantly, from within your heart."

"We can do this!"

"We will do this!"

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