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Saints Coach Sean Payton talks about loss to Panthers

Transcript of Coach Payton's postgame press conference

RE: Game summary

"I thought both teams fought hard in the second half – momentum kind of shifted back and forth a little bit. We started the game with it ourselves then they got it somewhere in the second quarter and then I think the same thing kind of happened in the second half. We got the punt return. For his first start I thought Luke [McCown] did a real good job. He handled the looks that we were getting. I thought he showed a lot of poise and I was really proud of the way he played. We're just…listen…our margin for error isn't that good to overcome. Some of the miscues that can come up in a game – we've got to look to get those things corrected. I'm sure they'll be a number of things we look at tomorrow that we can clean up and they'll be some things that we feel pretty good about."

RE: Change in game plan with Luke McCown at quarterback

" I don't know that it changed drastically. I said during the week there were a lot of things functionally that he does just like we would do with Drew [Brees]. We wanted to come in and run the football. I thought early on we had some success running and then maybe it wasn't as efficient later on in the game, but you set up some of the play action plays. He handled it well. He did a great job."

RE: Dropped passes

"It's hard to see them all. We'll see it all on film and we'll have a chance to make the corrections and kind of see. One doesn't just stand out though."

RE: Troubled by missed extra point?

" It's two different reasons though, right? We just dropped the snap. That's got to be cleaned up, that process. Those are some of the details with regards to winning the game. We came up big with the return and the kicking game, that was encouraging."

RE: Greg Olsen's coverage

" Listen. He's a good football player. Certainly the plan coming in was to make sure we knew where he was at. There are certain routes he runs well and yet he was still able to come away with enough big plays."

RE: Were you confident in Luke McCown' grasp of the offense going into today's game?

"I think very much so. I didn't feel during the course of the game that there were certain things we were staying away from. I mean, we were in some five out protections there towards the end and a hot receiver got some pressure looks and he did a lot of good things. He had a lot of poise."

RE: Did the line offer Luke McCown good protection?

" I think the production was…we had the one sack I think. You know, flip it around defensively we had one sack. I think the key to that though was having some balance where it wasn't one dimensional and I think for the most part of the game we had that."

RE: Senio Kelemente's first start

"Overall I thought he played pretty well. It's hard to tell specifically with the individual technique and some of the plays. We'll see that on film and be able to talk about it a little bit more tomorrow."

RE: Marcus Murphy's run back.

"Big play. It was a fifteen yard penalty and we could have taken it from the point of the foul and we just chose to back them up and give our guys another shot at a return. It was well executed and I'm sure it was good for his confidence to get the second opportunity."

RE: Are you bothered by mistakes like 12 men on field in the 3rd week of play?

" Yeah, absolutely it does. Absolutely it does. Yes."

RE: On the interception to Cooks

" It's a fire zone coverage. He's playing great. Just having seen his maturation through the years and talking about Norman. He's got real good hips. The play earlier there was a similar type of route progression and I think I'm sure Luke [McCown] felt like there was a little bit of a trap zone and he might catch him squatting, but it was a real good break by him. He high pointed it and made a good play.

RE: [Brandon] Browner still injured?

" I don't know. We'll see the tape. He's healthy. We'll see the tape. He's moving around good."

RE: Drew Brees' role on the sidelines

" He was real positive. You know, they look at the pictures and just communicated some things he was seeing. Then we got a little bit more nickel to some of our personnel like we've seen in the past. We didn't know if we'd get it with the 12th personnel this year, you know two tight ends like we've had in the past. I think overall [he was] just real supportive and into the game. RE: Handling the loss at 0-3 Yeah, you know that's what everyone says. We're 0-3 and like I said at the beginning it's important to understand. When I say the margin for error, there's a couple of little things with where we're at we've got to clean up. We're going to play in other close games so those are the things that have got to get corrected. OK thanks."

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