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Saints Coach Sean Payton talks about loss against Texans

Video and transcript of Sean Payton's post game press conference


(opening statement)

"Just a couple thoughts, obviously it's tough to lose a game like that. I thought, I told the team this, I thought after the early portion of the game we settled down defensively, we got the field goal at the half, was kind of encouraged by that. We really, story of the game was their defense and our inability offensively to really sustain a drive. We couldn't stay on the field, really took an effect on our defense because look, they're a good third down front and part of it is your first and second down efficiency and it seems as if most of the game we were in those long yardage situations. We didn't play well enough. Credit them, I think that's a good football team. I said that early in the week with regards to how they're playing their front. Surely I think when we put the tape on we're going to see a lot of things that we need to clean up offensively. That was the one thing coming off the field where it was, man, we struggled with any type of consistency. We'd run the football, we had a few big runs, but outside of that, it wasn't good enough. It wasn't much better really in the passing game, so any questions?"  

(on what kind of impact Texans DE J.J. Watt had on the game)

"Obviously there are certain things we're going to pay attention to play-wise. I think when I do see it, it'll be a little bit easier to answer than just trying to guess."  

(on lining up receivers differently in this game)

"Yeah, that's just an unbalanced look to try to put two bigs over there and still give us a route and play design that wouldn't be affected by it."  

(on points of emphasis in this game)

"Timing, tempo, yeah, absolutely."  

(on if he felt like the win was more because the Texans played well rather than the Saints didn't play well enough)

"Well, look, I think probably when you put the tape on and you watch it all, it's going to be both. It's a good defense. We knew that going in and yet we got MA's (missed assignments) on routes, guys busting some basic, basic things. We're on the ground in a couple zone schemes, I mean there are some things I know when we watch on tape that we're going to be upset about, and yet they're going to make some plays. We'll have a better chance to see it here tomorrow."  

(on the first time the offense hasn't scored a touchdown in a game since he's been the head coach, if he's been more frustrated after a game than this)

"Oh yeah. I mean look, yeah, there have been certainly any of those, there's a number of losses that get you frustrated, so let's not look for the most frustrated ever headline. It's disappointing to lose a game like that and certainly it's disappointing to not score a touchdown. That'd be a fair assessment of it."  

(on what he saw out of Texans QB Brian Hoyer)

"Well I thought early on, man they had a good flow and tempo going. They had a good mix of run and pass. I thought we did a good job of handling (WR DeAndre) Hopkins. He's an extremely good player, now obviously some other guys benefited from that type of coverage. I thought after those early drives, thought we settled in, did a few good things defensively and we just were on the field too long. Time of possession wise didn't help them out at all offensively, but we'll have a chance to see it when we look at it."  

(on the variety of weapons on offense)

"I think early on it was the tempo, then went no-huddle. I thought we settled in and played better as that game wore on. Obviously they had a touchdown to start the second half. I'm sure when we look at it there will be some things, I think that their efficiency running the ball was problematic when you look at what the yards per carry average was, but the totals, if you looked at some of those numbers you'd say well this team probably won. Clearly compared to our totals and again, coming off the field the first thing is really our struggles on offense. I thought it was, I thought it was clearly evident and disappointing."  

(on Texans Head Coach Bill O'Brien turning around his team this season)

"Listen, have a ton of respect for him, obviously when you're playing in an NFL season, coaching in an NFL season, there are peaks and valleys, long stretches sometimes in a good way, sometimes not. I think that toughness and resiliency is reflected throughout his team and they're playing good football."   

(on the play of Louisiana native Texans RB Alfred Blue)

"He's come on, obviously with the injury to their starter, he's had a few good games and they've been able to find some consistency I think a little bit more today maybe than in other weeks, but they had good balance and they had the ball a lot. Again, I go back to, there's an attrition defensively if offensively they're not able to control the time of possession a little bit better."  

(on Senior Defensive Assistant Dennis Allen's first game as defensive coordinator)

"I thought it was smooth. It was fast, and I thought the preparation during the week, I was pleased with. There will be some things that we've got to clean up, but overall it was organized and efficient."  

(on K Kai Forbath having a career long field goal and what the communication was like to decide to kick it)

"Well we talked about it. Obviously there's no wind. It was kind of right on the cusp. It was either that or punt and I felt like we were needing something. I didn't feel like it was outside of his range, it was just a matter of whether you get a clean hit, and you just worry about trajectory when you're kicking a longer kick like that. It was a big play for us."   

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