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Saints Coach Sean Payton talks about loss against Patnhers

Video and transcript from Sean Payton's post game press conference

"Obviously, it's a disappointing loss and it's frustrating. They made enough plays in the end and that ended up being the difference."

(on Brandon Browner's three penalties and interaction with Dennis Allen on the sideline)

"These guys played hard. It's going to be a competitive game. Dennis (Allen) and he have a great relationship."

(on blitzing)

"We're in and out of some blitzes. I think defensively they did a pretty good job. The turnovers, obviously, got us going and offensively, we had that one drive really, but in the second half we were able to amount some plays. It was kind of a back and forth game, a lot of pressure looks by both teams. Both teams blitzed a lot today and it was about hanging in there in coverage and both teams made some big plays. In the end, they ended up making one more. But it was back and forth."

(on the 12 men on the field issue and what the officials told him)

"I'm not going to get into the officiating. I said walking into this door I was not going to get into it. And it happened twice, 12 (men) on the field, clearly, and they're getting that right on Friday nights."

(on losing Delvin Breaux)

"It hurt a lot. He pulled a hamstring. We are playing well and, obviously, we are already short one corner, but that's how it is. (Brian) Dixon did a good job of coming in there. There's a lot of matchup things going into the game you are planning on that change."

(on getting two turnovers in the first quarter)

"We felt it was going to be an important statistic. As long as I've been here, 10 years, the turnover stat against Carolina is a big deal. They are playing well this year with it. They are first in the league with it (entered Sunday leading the NFL in turnover margin, plus-16) and we felt it would be a big number. The ball security would be premium. We were able to make some plays and get out to a lead."

(on if he noticed something different about the Panthers and the way they handled pressure)

"I would say there is a personality to a team like we would have and Carolina the same way. They do a great job with the protections and mixing them up, and defensively, they mix the pressures up and it's just getting adjusted and trying to be good on third downs. There are some tough looks but we came up with the strip fumble, obviously the touchdown we came up with, those are big plays."

(on if there are certain plays he wanted different guys on the field)

"No, the only time we substitute players, if Senio (Kelemete) is on the field but we go to a jumbo package and Senio (Kelemete) is playing right guard then he goes to that tight end, he's got to come off the field the next play. He can't go back into (right guard) so that's why."

(on Stephone Anthony and the younger guys making plays)

"We have a lot of young guys that are playing and receiving the snaps they need and yet, we have to find a way to start winning."

(on Brandin Cooks' progress)

"He played well today. He did a few things, the corner he played against, Josh Norman, is fantastic so we tried to move him around to free him up a little bit and we had some success."

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