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Saints Coach Sean Payton on Monday's practice: 'I think we moved around pretty well'

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton's post-practice media availability from Monday, Aug. 5, 2013

Opening statement:

"Today we waived kicker Jose Maltos and signed (wide) receiver Steve Breaston. We also waived/injured (wide) receiver Chris Givens and signed wide receiver Brent Leonard who was here prior. So two receivers came in and the kicker and Givens with his shoulder injury were the two guys that left. But we got a couple guys back. (Ray) Shipman (was) back, (Marques) Colston, (and Jarred) Fayson, who had a hand contusion came back, Patrick Robinson got some limited work today, (and) Seneca Wallace and the rest of those guys. We sat (Jonathan) Vilma just for today. We'll go again in the morning full pads outside."

What's the word on Joseph Morgan?

"We're waiting on Joe right now to give an announcement. We'll see where he's at. He's getting a second opinion right now on his knee."

After sitting them yesterday and now being inside did you see any extra bounce?

"I think we moved around pretty well. I thought the second part of the scrimmage you saw the heat get to us. Specifically in one area was the penalties; the pre-snap penalties, the false starts and we got to get those things worked out."

What do you like about Steve Breaston?

"Well we worked a few guys out but Breaston is a guy that can run and he's had a lot of snaps in this league. He worked out well and we'll see how he does.

How does Marques Colston look so far?

"We're just getting him back into the flow."

Was he limited?

"He didn't get the team snaps nor did Patrick Robinson but they received all the individual and group stuff. We got to make sure we get them up to speed."

How much does it help to not have to rush Marques back?

"Well we wouldn't rush him back. The nature of what he has is something that can get irritated. He needed some rest and we were able to give him that. I just don't want to have a setback."

Is that something you will monitor during the season?

"Well I think that guys like Vilma and Colston and a handful of guys that have played quite a bit, we just have to monitor them."

It seems like with some of these aliments you see some young guys with a lot of snaps. How important is that?

"Well you're getting a lot of younger players reps, which I think is important."

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