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Ron Rivera on the 41-10 win over the Saints

Quotes from Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera on Sunday, Dec. 7, 2014

(On the win) "I come into every game expecting to win. You expect to win playing hard with an aggressive style of football. I thought that our guys did that today."

(On how it feels to win big today after struggling for the last two months) "It's just the situation that we're in and the circumstances that we're in. We talked about it, how important these games are for us as we go forward. We have another one coming up next Sunday against Tampa Bay."

(On if he is satisfied after today's performance) "You play every week. You expect to win every week. I don't expect to come in (somewhere) and get beat. When we win, I am satisfied. I am excited about it. I am delighted. Still, it is what we expect."

(On what is the difference between today's game and the first game against the Saints in Charlotte) "We scored early (today). We had opportunities the last time that we played them. We get takeaways early, but we didn't put points on the board. This is the kind of offense (the Saints) that if you don't score early, you let them back in the game, they will get you. Coach Payton does a tremendous job with it, his attacking style of football on the offensive side. If you don't score points off of the takeaways, if you don't score points off of field position, he will come back to get you. We know that. That is the sense of urgency that we talked about, understanding that we needed touchdowns. You can't kick field goals against this team and expect to win."

(On what he saw during the scuffle between teams in the first half) "I just saw somebody push our quarterback. I thought that our guys reacted. It's unfortunate that it happened that way, but it's kind of also part of the game."

(On taking the ball to start the game) "We talked about starting fast. It has been a point of emphasis all week. We talked about it, talking to Mike Shula talking about the game plan and things that we felt good about being able to do. It has been a while since we really felt good about what we felt we could do in terms of the guys that we had playing and getting used to the guys that we're playing. I think Cam (Newton) had a real good handle and a good feel of what we were doing, the guys that were around him. I think that everything just kind of fell into place and came together."

(On Cam Newton today) "Positive things have to happen. You can't have negative plays. We didn't have a negative play for a while. We had a couple of incompletions. He knows it. He had a couple of throws that I am sure that I know that he wishes that he had back. He made some really good decisions, made some really good reads, and put us in position to score points early. Playing that way and being confident, that helps."

(On if the first drive of the game was perfect) "I think so. I think that Mike (Shula) has called good games. It is good to see us complete one. You can go back and talk about all of the different games that we've lost and some of the early drives that we have had. This one culminated in a touchdown. They can't culminate in field goals."

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