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Rogers: "I am excited to be a part of this franchise"

DT says he likes the attitude DC Gregg Williams brings to the team.


New Orleans Saints DT Shaun Rogers
Training Camp Press Conference
Friday, July 29, 2011

Can you talk about the conditioning work you had to do post-practice?
"They let us know it was coming, but some things you just can't prepare for.  So that might be one of them."

How did they let you know it was coming?
"Well, they told you.  They let you know it was coming.  They told us that we were going to have to do them, but it's just one of those things that you knew was coming, but you never quite prepare for it.  

What are your thoughts of joining this organization after they won a Super Bowl a couple of years ago?
"I'm just excited to be a part of a franchise with that kind of tradition, that kind of history, and those kinds of guys. I hopefully will be able to bring something to the table and contribute to a situation like that again."

What's your impression of Gregg Williams?
"I like him.  He brings attitude to your team, and you most definitely have to have that in this game

How much different is this than the Browns approach?
"The Browns are the Browns, and these are the Saints.  So, I'm really not in a position to compare or would like to compare.  You know, I'm here now and that's what it is."

Playing for a winner has always been important to you, hasn't it?
"Being in this situation is important, and that's why I decided to come here.  I felt like we made that known and it was understood.  I'm going to do my best to maintain and contribute to the situation."

How much great football do you have left?
"That's not for me to decide.  That's for somebody else to be the judge of.  I'm just going to try to go out here and compete and again try to contribute.  And, you know, if they like it, then they like it and we'll move on from there."

Did signing before the lockout do you any good in any way?
"Time off is still time off.  Guys have to try to prepare and get themselves together.  I don't see any difference either way in my situation."

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