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Rob Ryan talks Seattle Seahawks

Quotes from Rob Ryan's press conference after practice on Saturday, November 30

Saints Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan
Post-Practice Media Availability
Saturday, November 30, 2013

Is the approach to the Seattle game similar to that of the 49ers game?

It's a different style of offense. They've got a ton of zone read here in Seattle and the stretch play. They're different styles of run. Whereas San Francisco sprinkled in the zone read but they had all of that power, that gap trap scheme. This is a much different running game; this is a stretch running game. So that's different, but the commitment to running the ball is definitely the same. They love it.

How beneficial is it to have Roman Harper back playing with Malcolm Jenkins and Kenny Vaccaro?

"I think the more you can get your best players back obviously at this time of year is going to help you. Getting Roman back really helps. He's such an intelligent player and he's a physical player. The more guys you got healthy and are up and ready to go, the better you'll be. I think that's definitely the case. I think Roman had like 14 tackles last week so it was a pretty good game."

What impresses you about Russell Wilson on the field?

"I'll tell you what. I think we played him the second game he ever played quarterback in this league. Right now the guy is one of the star quarterbacks in the league. He does so many excellent things with his feet first of all, and then you can see the intelligence out there. I know it's documented how smart he is, but it looks like he loves to play the game. He is so accurate, especially when he's on the move, running around like he does making plays. He's tremendous at that. He's probably the best scrambler in football (in my book). I think the guy is outstanding. We got our work cut out for us. The receivers are extremely talented. This is a well-coached team. They've got a hunter-killer back there running the ball. This is what you get, I guess, this time of year and this will be a hell of a challenge."

Is tackling them the hardest part?

"I think they break a lot of tackles. Marshawn (Lynch) breaks them and Wilson makes you miss. They're tough. Their receivers are smaller guys than we're used to playing, but they're dynamic, (and) they're quick. I know that Golden Tate plays like he's a big guy; he knocked out one of our linebackers last year, we know who he is. This is a great group, they're well-coached. I think Pete Carroll does a great job. We're looking forward to it. We can't wait to go."

What was your take on Corey White's performance against Atlanta? He was playing deeper and not playing much press man coverage.

I think Corey did an excellent job. I know if you're just charting (you're saying), 'Oh he gave up that completion for four yards.' He played the way we wanted him to play and he played really well. It's tough when you're starting in this league and we weren't giving him much help out there either. He was manned up a lot and I thought he really came through. He played really well in the San Francisco game when he took over and he played really well in the Atlanta game. Again, this is a young player that is ascending and getting better every week. He works hard like all of our guys do and if we can just be a little tiny part of our success, that'd be great."

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