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Rob Ryan talks about facing New York Jets, Rex

Quotes from Rob Ryan's press conference on Friday, November 1

New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan *
Post-Practice Media Availability

Friday, November 1, 2013

What did you think of your brother's thing the other day?

"Well I mean he has a 4-4 team.  He is working hard.  He is trying to deflect a little heat and obviously I will be the bigger man and walk away.  We are just trying to do our job and that's just it.  We have no pictures.  We are just trying to do our job and trying to win a game."

In private is he a jokester?

"I think we are pretty similar in our own spare time whether it is jokesters or whatever.  We are good people.  We are fortunate enough to have a great relationship, as tight as brothers can be.  Off the field obviously we are the best of friends."

What is the most creative thing he's ever told you?

"We had our own language when we were kids.  I guess the most creative thing ever that came into play there was when, who's now my wife, walked on the airplane, in twin talk I told him, 'hey man look at this babe.'  I ended up marrying her so it worked out."

Is twin talk just a look?

"There is some of that.  We can't give away all of our secrets away.  All twins would be mad at us from here on out.  It is just one of those things. It is a true story, for real."

Did you ever show up for each other's classes when you were younger?

"Oh yeah, we did all that stuff.  We've done a lot of things, obviously you can imagine.  But the most impressive thing is how we did have always a jokester attitude.  We also did that but we also ended up being pretty successful in our line of work.  One of these days we will look back and go man it was amazing that we actually got through it and we are very successful."

Have you been able to help Drew Brees with things that he might expect from your brother's defense?

"I kind of know my brother, but I'm no help to Drew.  Every time, if Rex (Ryan) plays him the way I played him, it's going to be good for the Saints.  There is no stopping Drew.  Drew doesn't need my help.  He is the best quarterback in the world for a reason.  He didn't get anything from me."

You guys have played each other before, has that part of it kind of worn off, that brother rivalry part of it?

"No question, when we first played (it was real special), (but) man there has been a lot of times (since then).  When we first played in college it was pretty cool.  Now, honestly when the ball snaps, he's nameless faceless opponent until you go shake his hand across the field.  That's just really the facts of it.  We usually have good times with it.  Right now it is too important, our season is too important to have any little distraction.  I'm sure it is for him too."

Do you think it is unusual to have a family tree like yours so successful in the NFL?

"The Harbaugh's get all that thunder, but there are three of us in the National Football League and they only have two of them as far as I know.  I think it is just we have a great father.  I think a lot of people grow up idolizing their father and Rex and I are no exception."

Has Rex ever told you he is 4-0 against you?

"Rex? No…Hey I have two Super Bowl rings, he has one, so it's an easy comeback.  But it is what it is and we will find out Sunday if he can make that same statement."

Do you think this team is the best chance you have of beating your brother?

"Yes.  Absolutely.  No question."

Because of how well your defense is playing?

"No because I think we have a team.  We have a great team here.  I know Rex has a real good team, but I like (what we have here)…(But) I'm not in the prediction business and I'm not going to (do that).  I just know we are working hard.  We are trying to do the best we can do and if our defense can be any tiny part of our success than I'll be happy about it."

Did you see any Rob Ryan costumes last night?

"No I was here working until three this morning."

Is it your job to make Geno Smith as uncomfortable as possible?

"I think so.  I think this is a real fine quarterback and a special talent.  Obviously every week you are going to get some of the best quarterbacks in the world so the more you can do to disguise things and do things to give yourself an advantage, you try to do them.  Much like last week, that was a good young competitive quarterback last week and this is the same type of young guy.  These are good quarterbacks and they have earned their right to play."

How good did Rex feel for you when you got this job?

"Oh he was jacked (for me).  I was the most excited, and my son Matthew probably a close second, and Rex right there third.  This is such a blessing to get the chance to come here.  It is a big deal.  It is.  You go to an organization like this it is like winning the lottery.  I was fortunate enough to."

The blank sheet approach, is it an indication of how serious you are taking the matchup?

"I think right now we are all excited for the challenge.  I think it's just real.  He's (Rex) got a job to do and that's great, but more importantly I have a job to do and I want to do it well. It's what I was hired to do.  I want to just be a little tiny part of our success and we are just working as hard as we can to do that."

Rex is a head coach so he is able to have a little bit more freedom with the props?

"Yes, he's a head coach and he is one of the best in this league.  He really is.  I'm just trying to be a part of something special here and that is what we are working to do."

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