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Rob Ryan's Friday conference call

Audio and quotes from defensive coordinator Rob Ryan's conference call with local media

New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan
Post-Practice Media Availability
Friday, November 6, 2015

Does Tennessee's coaching situation add a little bit of uncertainty just because of the potential they may do differently?

"I think it definitely does and Mike Mularkey has been one of the top offensive coaches in the league for a long time. He's really special in the running game and he's committed to it and he's run some really unique runs, especially when he was in Atlanta. He changed the way the league is running the football now. He's been a really innovative guy so you pair that with Jason Michael. Who I brought into the leagu you guys know I'm sure as a quality control guy in Oakland as a defensive guy and he did so good Norv Turner stole him and put him on offense. He's really a smart guy and he knows a lot about us and what we like to do and our philosophy, but we are excited about this challenge and we can't wait to get out there and play again."

Is there anything you can do to make Marcus Mariota uncomfortable or rattle him as a rookie quarterback?

"Yes, I think the guy has done a really good job. He's very calm in the pocket and you think well this kid can run a 4.4 and all this other stuff. I mean this game is not too big for him you can tell and see that in the games he's played in he'll sit in there and make a play with his feet when he needs to, but he'll hang in there and really can throw the ball with a nice touch and everything else. I think the kid plays like he is really smart and a veteran and if you did not have a scorecard to look at and see it is his first year. I think he's showing some savvy back there, but him getting back off the injury in such a short time. That speaks for him, the kid wants to play and do everything. We have to be at our best and we are anxious to get this one going."

Brandon Dixon said you mixed him up with Brian Dixon. Was that a little embarrassing?

"No, I think I didn't mix them up too bad. Hell those two look alike. I do not know how you can do it. I bet you guys get confused too. I now call Brandon Rex he's the second twin, but they're good kids very talented, hardworking guys and we like both of them that's for sure."

What is the likelihood Brandon Dixon will land on the 53 man roster?

"Well I don't know that. I know one thing the kid is a super talented kid, a hard worker, our guys are excited to have him here so usually the big thing here in this program with the Saints is player development and I think that sets our team apart from most teams. Where we don't just talk about these players we end up developing them and they end up playing for us on Sundays and doing a good job and it's something that unique to the Saints I believe and so I'm sure if the young man works as hard as we think he will work and spends time with Crime dog (Wesley McGriff), Dennis Allen, and Marcus Ungaro he'll end up being a great player."

Is there anything that has to be coached for Brandon Browner's penalties to go down?

"Well, I mean with Brandon Browner he is the most physical corner in football and that's no question and unfortunately he does have more penalties than most, but believe me no one is working harder on eliminating those penalties than Brandon Browner is. I mean he is. He knows that it's easier to function as a defense when you're not making those penalties and having those third down penalties especially it's easier to function and he is a hard worker and getting his hands off, he's putting the boards on like the rest of them and we know how important it is and he knows how important it is. He's such a great leader and its part of our game that we need to improve on. The playing in the low red zone within 5 yards in the passing game. There is an emphasis, a huge emphasis and we need to make sure we get better at them for sure."

Does having Jarius Byrd healthy alter the way an offense decides to attack a team deep?

"I'm sure it does he sees the game at such a slow speed. He's very intelligent, extremely professional, hardworking, studies tape and knows the game inside out. He's a joy to be around and to watch him get healthy each week it's awesome because he really does make a difference and he tilts the field for sure."

If Hau'oli Kikaha can't play is that an opportunity for Kasim Edebali, who could potentially step up?

"Yes, I mean those guys, Obum Gwachum another kid we've been developing. Those type of guys. I mean (Michael) Mauti he's working hard and these guys deserve reps and they're ready with us. I f he can't go then we are going to have a young player that can play behind him."

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