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Rob Ryan previews the Atlanta Falcons game

Rob Ryan met with the media post-practice Friday afternoon

New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan
Post-Practice Media Availability
Friday, September 6, 2013

Is facing the Falcons offense as difficult as it gets in this league?

"Personnel wise, absolutely. I think they've got great talent. They have done a great job of assembling players. I think they've won more games than anybody over the last few years so we are going to have our hands full, but we're ready to get at it."

Do they test an opposing secondary more than anyone in the league, with the unique skill sets of their receivers and tight ends?

"I'd say yeah, this side of Denver, looking at that game, they are a great challenge. They can run the ball also. Steven Jackson is a great player. They can throw it, and they can run it. We have to be at our best, and we plan on being that."

Does Steven Jackson provide something different than what they usually have in the running game?

"I think he's also an excellent receiver. I think that would be the one redeeming quality that maybe he has over (Michael) Turner. Both of them are hard runners, both of them are premier power backs. I think that would be the only difference."

What are your emotions going into your first regular season game with the Saints?

"I'm excited. I think we put a lot of great work out. (With) All of our coaches on defense, there hasn't been a lot of sleeping. But we don't care because this time of year, we love the grind of it. We love the challenge of it. Our players are excited, and that's most important. We can't wait."

Are you anxious to see how your defense plays as a complete unit once the lights go on in a real regular season game?

"Yes. I think in the preseason we accomplished what we wanted to do, we got our 53. Now we are ready for it to count. It's what you do. We love what we do, just like you guys love what you do. We can't wait to go."

How excited are you to see what Junior Galette and Martez Wilson are going to do together since they did not play together in the preseason?

"Yes. I want to see (them) play because I think (they're) going to be great. I'm looking forward to it."

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