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Rob Ryan discusses the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan met with the media after Friday's practice

New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan
Post-Practice Media Availability
Friday, September 13, 2013

When your brother (New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan) plays the Buccaneers and you play them the next week, is that the first phone call you make?

"Not really. I think we are both big believers in our systems. We respect the league. I always think I'm going to do a better job than he does and he always thinks he's going to do a better job than me. I guess we'll just have to wait and see."

Was the last play against Atlanta exactly how you drew it up?

"Pretty much. Absolutely (laughter). That play, our guys executed a little better than theirs. We had a great pass rush with just three guys. As a staff, we thought that was the best thing we do, and we went with that particular coverage which we thought was going to be our go-to call and it worked out great. We're excited about it, but that's a lot of preparation and a lot of hard work on our players' part."

Are you a believer that it's more about personnel than scheme that makes you successful on defense?

"I think our personnel rose to the occasion, absolutely. I think we just want to have a little tiny bit of our success. I think players make schemes, so our guys came through in the end we had a couple of plays. We weren't perfect, but I love how hard we played. We just want to try to get better each week and work hard. We are working hard to get better and to be a little tiny part of our success."

What's something that you have really hammered into your players' minds about Tampa Bay's offense? ![]( "New Orleans Saints")

"They are physical. They want to be physical. I think their back (Doug Martin) is a hit and roller. He's tough; he's a genuine guy. We have to get after him and wrap him up. He's a hard tackle in this league. Obviously, (there are) big play threats that they have in their wide receivers (Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams) and that quarterback (Josh Freeman). We got our work cut out for us. We are going into a hostile environment, and we're looking forward to the challenge. We've been working hard and we know it's going to be a great challenge."

How do you accommodate a rotation along the defensive line?

"We have a rotation there. We rotate our D-line in and out. It's going to be hot, so you have to do that at every position. All of our roster (of active defensive players) will play on defense. That's how we do it each week, and especially in a road game in the heat, you have to play everybody on your roster."

Your son is playing football at Newman High School, has he been getting advice from you and his  uncle and how has it been for you to see him as a fan?

"Actually, I haven't seen him play yet, which is typical in this business. We are waiting for a Friday night when we can attend. I think it's a great tradition out there with the Mannings' coming from there. It's a wonderful school. I think the coach does a tremendous job out there. He's really enjoying (the) school, as well as my daughter is too. It is a wonderful school and I can't wait to actually see a game. It will be nice."

Is there any chance we will see him on the sidelines one day?

"I hope so. That'd be great. Let's get him into college first on a scholarship. That would be awesome."

How has Parys Haralson looked coming over from San Francisco and not having had the benefit of a full training camp with the Saints like most of his teammates?

"Parys has done great. He's a great veteran. He's smart, he's very well prepared, he's very detailed oriented, and he's precise. He's the type of guy you want: a genuine tough guy that brings high character and toughness to our room where we have a lot of that. We want to try to prove that every week, and this will be a great week to get after it and to play physical."

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