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Referee on Jimmy Graham fumble ruling: 'There was nothing clear and undisputable'

Comments from referee John Parry

Here is the pool report on the replay ruling that upheld the officials' on-field call of a catch-fumble by New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham on the first play of the fourth quarter from pool reporter Jeff Duncan of | The Times-Picayune.

On what referee John Parry saw on the replay: "We spent the full 60 seconds, and we looked at every (replay) angle. We primarily focused on the angle that was – I wouldn't say exactly – but was pretty close to being down on the goal line to try to determine if it was either a score and/or a catch-fumble recovered by Atlanta. There was nothing clear and undisputable to make a change to the ruling from the field. If we would have ruled score, it probably would have stayed as a score. If we ruled catch-fumble, recovered Atlanta, nothing enough to change it.

On if he had trouble seeing the ball on the replay because of the Saints' black jerseys: "I don't think that was an issue. It just wasn't enough to say this amount of football has clearly penetrated the goal line to make the change."

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