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Quotes from Stephone Anthony and Benjamin Watson Monday conference calls

Audio and quotes from Stephone Anthony and Benjamin Watson Monday conference calls

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Stephone Anthony

Conference Call With Local Media

Monday, October 5, 2015

Having watched the film, what did you see out of your performance? What did you like and where do you feel you can still get better at?

"I loved the fact that, as a defense and as a team, we responded to adversity. They hit us with two quick plays in the run game (and) we settled in, really got our cleats in the ground and we played some good football last night."

How did it feel to get your first win last night? Does it feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders?

"Definitely, we finally got the monkey off of our back. We finally got the first one but like we all have been saying all morning, it is just the first one. We are still 1-3 and we have to go get some more. You can't get two without getting one so it is a good start"

Did you feel more comfortable out there last night than you have earlier in the year? You seemed to have had your best game.

"I always put a lot into my preparation each week. I had some opportunities to make some plays last night and made them."

Does it get easier each week in practice and with preparation? Does the learning curve become a little bit shorter?

"Yes, without a doubt. Each week's a growth process. You try to approach it the same every week and try to find something to get a little bit better at. It's a learning curve. There are different teams each week that all present different challenges. You just have to take it on as best as you can."

Can you give me an example of where you feel like you have improved since the season began?

"Just my confidence in the game. I always feel like I did a good job of staying poised and handling the calls. I think I am really settling in and starting to understand what is going on around me."

You got that excessive hit penalty last week, did you learn from that?

"I did. The referees made an appropriate call. It is something that I have to live with but I don't think that it is something that'll make me change my game. I just have to be more careful."

You guys are still in a hole at 1-3, with two teams in the division at 4-0; how far do you guys need to progress to get back into a better position?

"We've got a ways to go. Like I said, it is just win number one. Last night was a start. Hopefully, that can be a trend of good things coming our way. All we can do is focus on what we have to handle, and continue to knock down the teams that are in front of us."

There are a lot of rookies getting significant snaps on defense; do you ever look around and think to yourself that this is a good, young group, and a core that this team can build on?

"It is amazing. We have a good core of young guys. It is just the beginning. It is early for all of us. We are still trying to figure this thing out. Hopefully, in the time to come, we'll figure it out and we can be something special."

New Orleans Saints Tight End Benjamin Watson

Conference Call with Local Media Availability

Monday, October 5, 2015

Does winning validate all the hard work in practice?

"Well, definitely. Obviously we play this game to win, all of us, our competitors, you know we want to go out and see the hard work we put in in practice and training camp come to fruition in wins. That's why it's so hard when you lose, every team has to lose at some point, but it was really good for us to get the win and it's encouraging. Obviously we were at a point where we hadn't won a game yet this season, so it is very encouraging to get a win and kind of see the hard work that you put in validated with a W. That being said, there is still work to be done and an opponent we have to play this week."

What was the mood in the locker room after the win, was it more in the moment of the win or looking forward to next week?

"It was a little bit of both. Given the situation, we were in desperate need of a win, so a lot of jubilation and anytime you win a game in such dramatic fashion it's really emotionally draining, so again we are a family and we pull for each other and excited to see your teammate do well and to have fun out there playing and see the fans into it because we gave them something to cheer about. That being said, like I told you the other day, were going to enjoy this for a couple days, then you have to move on. Same way when you lose a game, you deal with it for a couple of days, then you have to move on because you have another opponent, but we are very happy to get a win and we feel like this is something we can build on hopefully."

What sticks out about Willie Snead's emergence in the offense and how far he's come?

"Well he's a guy, well when he got here last year, I believe halfway through last year he was signed to the practice squad and he was making plays in practice and in training camp he just continued to make plays and that's what it's about in this league. Everybody has to come into this league some way, you either come in the league drafted in the 1st,2nd,3rd,4th round or whatever it is or you come in as a free agent or however you come in. Once you get in it's about making plays and being dependable and all those sorts of things and that's what he's proven. He's proven it in training camp and OTA's, knowing what to do and where to be. He competed and made plays on the ball and he's tough and so that's why he's out there playing."

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