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Quotes from Sean Payton's Thursday review

Sean Payton met with media after practice on September 11, 2014

Opening Statement: "Most of today was spent on our third down situation, some two minute install.  We got outside for probably a good two-thirds of the practice."

Can you talk about buying Cincinnati Bengals Devon Still jerseys?

"It was something that was kind of spontaneous. I had heard about him on the radio and the challenge he is going through. So when I got into the office the other day I just mentioned it to Jason (Mitchell), look, let's do something.  Mike Brown has been a great owner in our league.  We practiced with Cincinnati before.  We've had a lot of close ties there.  Marvin (Lewis) and those guys do a great job running their program and it was just something that was meant to be kind of a good gesture.  It was interesting to see what they were able to do and the support they have been able to gather for him and that organization."

Can you talk about Jabari Greer retiring today?

"He was an exceptional player.  It is interesting, a lot of times in free agency you target a couple of guys and he was one player that we felt had a lot of ball production.  His time here, if you look at his stats, his burn defender stats, a lot of the things that you aren't able to get a hold of, have been fantastic.  That and he was well respected, well-liked by his teammates.  He was someone that optimized being a pro football player.  I was unaware that he announced that today, but he is someone that we are all better for having him around."

Players are now saying that the Sean Payton rule should now be in applied to Commissioner Goodell related to the Ray Rice case.

"Our focus really has been on Cleveland.  Yesterday I said it and I'll say it again today.  When you look at our work week and our work days, our time and energy from morning till evening is on the opponent and I understand the question, but that is what I would say."

Does it feel good that people are coming to your defense?

"It's immaterial, in other words we said at the time what we had to say and I'll leave it at that.  Again, our work and focus right now is on this upcoming game."

Why was the run game so effective in the first game?  Was it better fits?  Was it guys being more patient?  Was it guys executing the scheme better?

"Probably a little bit of all of it. I thought up front we were able to get hats on the right spots.  I thought our runners ran hard.  Someone asked a question yesterday about the significance of the perimeter blocking and I think that is important especially when you see big runs, generally someone is on the perimeter handling the force.  This is a tough group we are playing this week.  They defend the run real well. They are big.  Their safeties support extremely well.  That will be a challenge."

Are you seeing more of a comfort level there?

"We've improved as the season went on and those last handful of games and into the postseason against Philadelphia we felt like we were running the ball pretty effectively even in Seattle with the loss.  It is something that we feel like is important especially for our offense."

Had it not been for Jabari Greer's injury that he sustained against San Francisco, how much would he have figured into the plans for this year and moving forward with the program?

"He was playing at a high level so I think he is one of those guys and you hear me talk about Drew (Brees) this way, he keeps himself in phenomenal shape.  He is an extremely clean liver.  He's someone that really trains well.  I think he'd still be playing to answer your question.  The type of injury he sustained was significant but he was a real good player for us, a real good player."

Going against Jimmy Graham every day in practice offensively, does that help you in defending Jordan Cameron this weekend in terms of a look?

"Yeah look, there is that unique skillset that a tight end has where all of a sudden a guy like him that can run as good as a receiver, can handle some of the inline blocking, but most importantly he has good ball skills, in and out of his cuts he is sharp.  He is a Pro Bowl player and I know he was nicked up in the last game, we will just have to wait and see where he is at now."

Can you talk about Joe Thomas?

"They have a real good offensive line.  Their left tackle and center (Alex Mack) are guys that are Pro Bowl players.  Joe (Thomas) is someone that is very consistent in his pass sets and pass protection.  He has been a very durable and reliable player for them as well.  When you go against someone like him, you've got to have obviously a rush moves in place.  You've got to play with good leverage, but he is an outstanding player."

Do you have plans for those jerseys?

"I think we just had them distribute them up there in the hospital."

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