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Quotes from Sean Payton's Thursday presser

Sean Payton spoke with the media after practice on Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Post-Practice Media Availability
Thursday, December 12, 2013
Opening Statement
"Pretty normal Thursday schedule for us with third down being the emphasis Any questions?"
How much have you seen Kenny Vaccaro improve on pass coverage?
"I think number one, for a good safety, generally they play the run and the pass very well.  In college, he played a lot of nickel, but I think he's having an outstanding rookie season.  I think he is comfortable when he is playing man-to-man.  I think he is comfortable supporting a run.  He is physical.  He is a strong tackler so there is not a lot of leaky yardage.  But being able to do both is important.  I think he has done that."
How much is his versatility being able to do that so early has let you do a lot of things defensively?
"We have a handful of guys.  You take a guy like Malcolm (Jenkins) who played corner(back) in college (Ohio State) so at times he is asked to come over and play a slot (assignment).  Kenny (Vaccaro) is someone who is comfortable in that role.  We kind of mix the looks up depending on the opponent, but having that versatility helps you."
How has Charles Brown acclimated to starting tackle?
"I think he is doing well.  I think you take last week which was a really good test for him and the opponent.  One of the challenges playing left tackle is as soon as you are playing that week, you put the tape on and now all of a sudden you have another great (pass) rusher here in St. Louis (Robert Quinn).  They seem to be on that same side obviously.  I think he has handled it well and I think he's been healthy and that has been giving him the reps and the consistency and all those things that you look for."
Is it always impressive when two edge rushers combine for 20 sacks like Cameron Jordan and Junior Galette?
"Well they're different players. Both of them have good motors. It's hard to (play them together) down in and down out, especially is a game becomes one dimensional on one side of the ball, for our defense against the offense to consistently rush the passer with the same amount of energy and effort that's required. We do a good job of getting in a rotation and yet, both of those two guys have really stepped up and given us consistent pressure and given us…sometimes it may not result in a sack; sometimes it's a hurry that results in an incompletion. On third down, that's off the field, so that'll be an important stat in this game: the third down snaps and how both teams do."
How has Corey White progressed since the Atlanta game where he was somewhat picked on by Matt Ryan?
"In one game where you have three or four balls come your way because of a matchup, maybe compared to where Keenan (Lewis) was, is pretty common. He has very good instincts. I think he's also a very good tackler. I think he has adapted well with the injury earlier in the year and when Jabari (Greer) went down, all of the sudden he went from kind of being an inside player to an outside player and he's handled that transition pretty well."
For a guy like that, is it as much about getting on the field and getting confidence as it is reps?
"It's snaps outside, live snaps. He's got a big frame. Again, I mentioned he's someone that I think has a good feel for splits, the defense we're playing, and is active and ready to play zone or man (coverage). But I think just the overall amount of snaps he's receiving outside maybe compared to the first third of the season or half of the season."
What are the challenges of facing Chris Long, who has given you trouble in the past?
"He plays with a great motor. He's very talented. He's explosive. The snap that you get on play number four, you're going to get that same energy, that same ability to get off on the snap count on play number 34. He goes extremely hard. He's very smart. He plays with very good leverage. You see him get on the edge of tackles. You see him rush with power. You see him rush with speed. He presents a lot of challenges."

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