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Quotes from Sean Payton's Thursday Press conference

Transcript of Coach Payton's post-practice press conference on Thursday, Dec. 19, 2014

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Post-Practice Media Availability
Thursday, December 18, 2014

At the end of week one if I recall correctly there was a point in the game where you were down and Mark Ingram came alive with two touchdowns.  Is that the kind of thing you expect the Falcons to take away??

"Look, (with) Mark (Ingram), Pierre (Thomas), Khiry (Robinson) throughout the game we had some success running the football. I think one of the things you see from then to now, I think they are really playing the run well, their defense. So it is not a specific thing that Mark was doing different than Khiry or Pierre. It is going to be important for us in our packages that we are able to establish the running game but I think it is a little bit different look this time around than it was the first week."

What was the biggest lesson you took away from that first matchup?

"Look, there were some consistent things about it, number one, it was very consistent with how these games of late have finished with both teams competing hard. I think the series right at the end of the half where they were able to manage a field goal was significant. We had a lead and yet we weren't able to capitalize on that and they made the plays that they needed to. It was a close hard fought game. It came down to the last possession again be it was in overtime yet none the less that is how a lot of these games have been."

It seems like Matt Ryan gets the ball out of his hands quickly in games against you guys.  Is that something that you have to figure out a way to try to get pressure?

"That's not specific to our games. If you just look at his numbers he throws in a real good rhythm and (with) anticipation. They do a great job with their spacing in regards to their route trees. I think that group in front in these last six or seven weeks has really gelled and (is) playing a lot better. So yeah obviously I think it is important that the looks are different and you are able to maybe eliminate some of that timing but he's got real good awareness to what you are doing coverage-wise, man or zone, where he wants to go with the football. So that clock operates very efficiently."

What comes to mind when you think of Matt Ryan?

"He's got good feet, great awareness, arm strength, he is accurate. I think he is a guy that doesn't just sit and hold the ball in the pocket. I think he knows when the play is over and you will see him throw it away and yet he can flush and he has to his right and to his left and makes plays with his feet throwing the ball or keeping it. He does a lot of the things you look for. That is why you are looking at the numbers he's put up and the season he is having. It has been pretty good."

Is bulletin board material over rated as opposed to college and high school?

"I think it is. I followed the sequence here earlier in the week and also followed the questions leading up to it. This game has a lot of significance to it, but running back and forth to each locker room? I thought Roddy's (White) answer was dead on but the follow up, is that all Roddy? Are you sure you are not madder than that? It is like come on. It is an important game for Atlanta and for us. The teams are playing for a lot. I think we've talked about the rivalry element of it before. These division games, Carolina was an important game (and) Tampa Bay in a week will be an important game."

What about when a player like Sean Weatherspoon gets involved who is injured and not even a part of the game, does that get heated?

"Let's start with the beginning of the week again and just listen to the line of questions. That is all I have to say. It speaks for itself."

How much of the responsibility and the crowd at home is it you guys to keep them in it or do they need to pump you up?

"I think we're going to have a great environment. That's what's special about playing at home. Absolutely we are going to need every person in there to be as loud as can be and we're going to need to play well. We're going to put all of those things together and recognize the significance of the game. Our fan base is real smart. They understand that. I think it goes hand in hand."

Were you pleased with some of the fundamentals on defense this past week?

"Yeah obviously there are some things we did real well.  I thought when we turned the ball over we were able to capitalize on that with field position.  I thought that was real important.  I thought we generated the pass rush and all of these things that we discussed."

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