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Quotes from Sean Payton's postgame presser

Sean Payton spoke with the media after tonight's win

"Obviously it was an important win for us. I thought we did a lot of good things tonight. We won in a lot of the areas we talked about all week long. You don't get the chance to play in games like this that often. The team we played was banged up. I thought, overall, we were really good on third down, defensively and offensively. We did a good job with ball security. We stayed ahead of the chains and steered the balance offensively and our ability to get to a lot of the third downs were shorter distances so it was a good win for us. We will get on to this next week and be back in on Wednesday."

(on the success running the ball) "They mixed it up pretty well, we got some pressure looks and it seemed to be we got more of them on first down. Drew (Brees) did a good job getting the ball out, not getting fooled by some of the blitz looks."

"It was a point of emphasis and I thought our guys handled it well. You don't know in a game if it is going to be something that it to your advantage to do, but I thought we got into a pretty good tempo and we had a good plan going in."

(on Mark Ingram and the running game tonight) "It's important for us to have that balance, certainly for the team time of possession and all these things sway in a game like that in your favor. I thought the offensive line did a good job. Each week is a different challenge and certainly this week coming up against San Francisco we will have our hands full with a very good defensive front there. I thought they did a lot of good things. We will look at the film, I am talking about the offensive line. I thought Mark (Ingram) played very well and I was pleased with his performance."

(on NFL record for first downs and if it was easy as it looked offensively) "Nothing is ever easy; we played a team that is nicked up and had some players that haven't played as much."

(on the defense) "I thought the third down snaps were important. We thought going into this game that statistic, along with turnovers, were going to be the two key things. The third down conversions, both defensively and offensively, and also the turnover battle were things we talked about. We had a couple with the punt and the onside kick, but we handled the short field pretty well."

(on getting Marques Colston back on the field) "It was good. I know he felt good toward the end of week. He got a couple of good practices in there and it was good to get him back. It is a challenge with all of these receivers, you don't always have enough touches to go around, but we felt just as important as receiving is those guys blocking the safeties and that was important in this game. I will look at the tape but I thought we were able to do that a good amount of the time."


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