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Quotes from Sean Payton's Patriots post game press conference

Video and quotes from Coach Payton's post game press conference

August 11, 2016
SP: The first thing that stands out in a game like that is the four turnovers. [When] you come on the road and turn the ball over like that, two for touchdowns, we fumble on the first drive, and penalties, you're not going to win many games. Did we play with effort and energy and a lot of those things? I would say, yeah, but that's disappointing. We've got to do a better job, obviously, taking the ball away. I thought in the second half the defense got a handful of three-and-outs. The first drive, we put the ball on the ground – once going in and it was an interception. Shoot, we gave them 14 points on turnovers just in the game alone, so you're not going to win many that way. We'll take a peek at the tape, though, and kind of better assess the individual efforts and how [the players] produced.
Q: What do you think of how Garrett Grayson responded after that initial pick?
SP: I don't like the fact that one of your first passes in a preseason game goes the other way for a touchdown. I thought he made some plays on the move. We'll see when we watch the tape.
Q: What have you seen out of R.J. Harris so far?
SP: He's someone who's been smart, a quick study and that's helped him because he's been able to train at a couple of different receiver positions. He's still transitioning though – he's been on the practice squad and we'll see where he's at this year. He's a guy that knows what to do.
Q: Kasim Edebali had two sacks. What did you think of his play?
SP: I thought there were some snaps where we were able to get some pressure and then obviously there were some breakdowns. If you just looked at the turnovers and look at the rushing statistics we averaged two-something [and] I think they were over five yards a carry. There are some very telling numbers as you look at it. 
Q: How much did Mark Ingram's fumble relate to how late he played in the game?
SP: None.
Q: Was it good to see Michael Thomas make a couple big plays after seeing him do it in camp?
SP: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.
Q: What especially stood out about Thomas?
SP: Just during the week he's made some plays over his head. Any other questions?
Q: Did Drew Brees get in for a series just to get a feel?
SP: That was the plan going in, yeah.
Q: How serious is Stephone Anthony's injury?
SP: We'll see. You've used up your five [questions].
Q: What was your impression of David Onyemata in game action?
SP: We'll have a chance to see the film. He was out of his gap a few times on some big runs – we'll take a peek at the film and take a look at it.
Q: Did you get a good feel for the team?
SP: It was a productive week up here, but when you play in these preseason games and you get on the plane and you go home, you have to know what kept you from winning or having a chance of winning. If you don't learn that – it starts with us too as coaches so we'll get back to work and I'm sure we'll see some good things on the tape tomorrow. The object is to win, [not] lose the game and that's one statistic that will keep you from winning every time and so especially against a good football team we've got to be better than that.
Q: When Marcus Murphy had that punt and duffed it and picked it up for a big return, do you view that as a positive or a negative?
SP: Anytime the ball is on the ground I'm not particularly happy about it because the next time that happens there's someone on the coverage unit that picks it up. He showed some courage on some returns and we had one return called back that was a 30-yard change of possession – when you're here and the hidden yards go back the other way and that's got to be better. We line up to kick a field goal to make it a one score game in the fourth quarter and we duffed the turf so all of those things have got to be corrected. 

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