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Quotes from Sean Payton's Friday Press Conference

Sean Payton met with media following Friday's practice



New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean PaytonPost-Practice Media Availability Friday, September 16, 2016

How rare is it for a player like P.J. (Williams) to go on IR one year and then come as far as he did without getting any experience as a rookie?

"Well, I consider him like a first-year player and think we do see sometimes in our league first-year players playing. Obviously the benefit of (him) knowing some of the things defensively and have him (receiving) one year (to) be (100%) healthy and in our program I think helps. I think it was probably more of an exception 10, 15 years ago then it is today."

For the first-year guys like P.J., do you do anything special to forewarn them about road games or concentration levels or anything like that?

"We spent a lot of times all week (touching) on the environment, the weather forecast, there's a great chance there's going to be rain on Sunday. How to understand this stadium outside and getting quickly accustomed to the wind (is important). There's generally wind in this area. Offensively dealing with the noise, there are certain elements that you want to prep them for prior to the game."

How did Chris Manhertz look this week in practice for you and if he gets the call to play this Sunday will he be ready?

"I'm not going to go through scenarios. You have a chance to see our game. I would never do that especially on a Friday with positions like that. I appreciate the question though."

How important's a tight end formationally for you guys with your offense? You took them out last week. Are you going to change it up a little bit?

"We have always had a jump O or a lineman that can play in that position. I think there is versatility with that alignment. If you are without a tight end it, becomes a lot more challenging to run the ball and also more challenging to protect."

Can the tight end maybe help show what the defenses are in depending on how you like them up?

"At times yeah. If you see New York a lot of times, they just trade them across to see what the adjustment is and that gives Eli some information."

When you see rain in the forecast what's your first thought on how that's going to change the game?

"The initial thought is just what kind of rain, what are the temperatures like. They are calling for high 70s and low 80s. Ball security and wet ball drills. A lot of that you pay attention to the day of the game but it certainly appears that we are going to have rain. So them getting used to it and one of the reasons we are outside today, it's a little bit warmer but none the less we had some rain when we came out here and the balls were wet. Getting all the facemasks off and getting all the sleeves off. Make sure if you are wearing gloves that they are the right type of glove. All of those things."

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