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Quotes from Sean Payton's final presser before the Bucs game

Transcript of Coach Payton's post-practice press conference on Friday, Dec. 26, 2014

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Post-Practice Media Availability
Friday, December 26, 2014

Opening Statement: "Just an update on a few roster moves here, two players we placed on Injured Reserve here this week, Pierre Thomas and Akiem Hicks. With those two active roster spots we signed wide receiver Brandon Coleman and linebacker Jerry Franklin off of our practice squad. We also added a player to our practice squad, Michael Brewster, he's a center, number 70. That leaves the roster at 53 and that leaves the practice squad at nine instead of 10. Any questions?"

You said you weren't intending to play young players, do you just need depth at those areas?

"This was, knowing Pierre and Akiem were not going to be able to play in this game, it's really a way to secure and put two younger guys on contract and bring them up. I don't anticipate those two players playing."

What position will Michael Brewster play?

"Brewster is a center, he's an offensive lineman. He's in jersey number 70."

What kind of a year has Brandon Coleman had?

"I would say when he came here he was recovering from a leg injury so the early rookie camps, he was probably not quite 100%, but he and Seantavius (Jones) have really been impressive. Training camp, this whole season on the practice squad, and everything they're doing they've been real good. He's got size, he's tough. I like the work ethic of this group. It's a good group of young receivers when you look at him, Seantavius and then (Brandin) Cooks. There are a few of those guys. But I'd say (he has been) consistent, and done a real good job of picking things up."

With Pierre and Akiem, is that a situation where they have to have offseason surgery?

"I don't know that there will be surgery necessary, we will wait and see. I don't know in the case of Pierre that there would be, certainly they'll be in offseason rehab. It allowed us to secure two other players though."

Talk about the season that Marques Colston had this year?

"I would say he is probably a little healthier than he was a year ago, he was dealing with a foot (injury). He is a great leader, quietly goes about doing his job and has played big in some big games for us. I think you get so used to seeing him, it's hard to recognize its year nine or whatever year it is for him, and that's to his credit. He has his weight where it needs to be, he's moving well. I think he's been real consistent. His health has been good, and that's a big part of his training and his regiment."

It was uncharacteristic to see displays of emotion from him this season that you might not usually see from him…

"He's a guy that a lot of times you really don't get to know. I would say he's extremely competitive. It matters to every one of these guys but when you talk about Marques, he's one guy that it matters a ton to. I think he's accomplished a lot in his career, and done a number of things. I think he enjoys playing. He certainly is a leader to that room. When you look at the experience of some of the younger players in there, but back to some of these younger receivers, Marques will get his weight workout in the morning, not after practice, and those guys will be in kind of following him. There is a regiment that he stuck with that has been real good for him."

You mentioned his intangibles, how do you grade out his season away from the stats?

"The thing you look closely at is, is he still doing what we're asking? Can he separate? Is he a big target? How is his body holding up? And all of those things this year have been plusses for him. He's healthier. His weight is right at that point where it's easy for him to get north of it but he's been dead-on, if not below, all year long. I think he's played very well this year, I think he's played very well."

So you are telling me it is a plus if the ball comes his way because he is separating?

"It's where do you want to put him though. There are things that we feel like he does very well, whether it's on the inside of route combinations, he's probably one of the more consistent blockers we have at the receiver position. He's in that position of collision a lot of times, whether it's the inside of the passing game or whether it's short motion or blocking, he's in the mix of all of that."

During all of that, do you feel like he has slowed down at all in his nine years?

"It's hard to measure specifically, but the way he trains and the way he keeps himself in shape, I'm sure there is an attrition to every one of these guys, myself included that started in 2006, but I would say he is one of those guys that does everything necessary to slow down that slope. It's been effective."

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