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Quotes from Sean Payton, Graham and Brees post-game press conference

Sean Payton, Jimmy Graham and Drew Brees discussed their 38-17 win over the Miami Dolphins

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton:

"It was a really hard fought team win for us. We did a lot of things well. Certainly, it wasn't a perfect game, but I thought we played with very good energy. We had a good week of practice and I thought we played a good team also. We have a lot of respect for those guys and what they were able to accomplish early in the season. We knew we were going to have to play one of our better games. We are dealing with a short week now and we'll get back to playing another good team."

On Darren Sproles' play:

"He (Sproles) is a viable part of what we do so it was nothing elaborate. What happens is that it becomes difficult to put help over Jimmy (Graham) or safety help over someone else without possibly isolating your backs on a linebacker or a safety. Drew (Brees) made a really good play down on the left side in the left corner (of the) end zone. He (Sproles) was third in the read and he really did a good job of settling in that flat area and Drew gave him a really good ball and the timing was good. He is a real smart player and when he ends up open in zones or doing the right thing in man, it is not really a surprise."

On how dialed in Drew Brees was tonight:

"He is at a really sharp level. He did a good job with his progressions, protected the football well and he was outstanding."

On making adjustments at halftime:

"Halftime is about 7 1/2 minutes so you're in here (locker room) and guys are getting something to drink, going to the bathroom and we talk amongst the coaches on a few things we want to hit on. There may be a couple of important things, maybe not. We go through defense, offense and the kicking game and quickly we are back on the field. There were a few things we had seen in the first half that we wanted to pay attention to in the second half. We got a stop defensively and it was important for us to build on that lead."

On passing a lot in the first half:

"We just thought that was the best way for us to move the football."

Quarterback DREW BREES on Jimmy Graham:

"We were able to spend a lot of time this offseason together, not only on the field, but off the field as well. He's a young man who has a tremendous, bright future. Some of the things you see him do, you shake your head. And (he has) so little football experience, when you look at it. He's fought through some injuries. Right now, he feels like this is his moment and right now, he's making the most of it."

On the offense clicking:

"It is momentum. Coming out of halftime, our defense gets a three and out. We get the ball in good field position, march down the field and score. The defense stops them again. We get good field position and go down and score. Then, you feel like you are operating at a high level and that anything that you call is going to work."

Tight end JIMMY GRAHAM on first touchdown catch:

"I told him after that play, thanks for believing in me. He's just a special quarterback. He throws it in areas only where I can get it. It was probably a better throw than a catch."

On this season:

"I think the progression from the first game to this game, he's been more dialed in every game. We've had more rhythm. When we have that rhythm, we have that flow. He plays out of this world."

Defensive end CAMERON JORDAN on tonight's game:

"I think the defense played a great game tonight. The offense did a really great job. Overall, we played a great game. You have to take care of weaknesses and certain match-ups we keyed in on earlier in the week. We hit the quarterback. I thought the defensive line played pretty well."

On exploiting the edges:

"I've faced (Tyson) Clabo the past three years. He has a different jersey, but he is still the same guy. I've progressed and I know him pretty well.

Linebacker JUNIOR GALETTE on the turning point:

"The turnovers. We got some turnovers and got our offense going. We fueled off each other. We took advantage of their tackles and their inside guys."


"We beat a good football team. These guys played hard. We should definitely enjoy this because it is tough to beat a good football team in the NFL."

On his interception:

"They had run a similar play twice before. You just try to make a play for your team. Fortunately, I was able to do that. We understand that this is a humbling league, so I am not going to make more of it than it is. I'll see my wife, let her pat me on the back and move on."

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