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Quotes from Saints players following the week 13 game against the Dallas Cowboys

New Orleans Saints players recap their week 13 game against the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday, Nov. 29

#94 Cameron Jordan (DE)

On how he is feeling after a loss: "It really hasn't fully sunk in. It is clearly something we are going to have to take and stew over this weekend. This is something that is going to leave a bad taste in our mouths for a while. Honestly, for us to lose that way, I feel like, we have to find a way to win. Especially when the lights are the brightest. We only have so many opportunities to do something. We have to overcome. Defensively speaking, we could have forced at least one more turnover. That's on us. Gap integrity, all four quarters. We let Dak slip out for a crucial third down. We let Zeke run for 20-some yards at the end of it."

On the game: "If you said do you expect the Saints to have 10 points at the end of the game, I would probably laugh at you and call your bluff. Kudos to Dallas. I wish them the best. I hope that they do well. I hope they do the best that they can for the next couple games. I wish them nothing but the greatest of success. And then, they come into our house later down the road. I hope that somehow that path works out. If you really want to know the truth, I wish them nothing but the best. … I hope in our house, in our way, we see them again."

#23 Marshon Lattimore (CB)

On the defense: "We are improving weekly, I feel like. Week One we came out there, and you see what happened. We kept improving every week. I feel like we are getting to that level where we have to be recognized as being one of those top defenses. But we have to earn that. We can't just have it come to us, we have to earn it."

On whether the loss is a beneficial reality check: "Not really. We want to win no matter what. It's not a reality check. This is the NFL. We can lose on any Sunday, any Thursday, any Monday. We just have to go back in and get it right as a team."

On the loss: "You have to take your loss like you take your wins. You still have to keep your head high. You can't let them see you down. That's big with me. I don't like letting them see me down. You just have to work. That's all you can do. You can't talk. We don't do too much talking anyway. You just have to work."

#93 David Onyemata (DT)

On the game: "The mantra was to come in and stop the run game and we came in and I think we did that to a certain extent. You could tell just looking at film, you can see their screen game and how effective that is. That is their go-to after things don't go too well. Like the big play, that is what kept them in the game, I would say."

On his three sacks: "You'd rather have a win than all that, you know? We just have to go back, see the film, see things we could correct, and go from there."

#56 Demario Davis (LB)

On how the defense played: "Not good enough. You have to give them [Dallas] credit. Their defense played lights out. You have to give them credit. They played phenomenally."

On the defense: "Week by week we are just trying to get better execution. We have our goals every week. We just have to keep getting better."

On whether the defense made enough plays to win: "I don't know. You just have to give credit to the other side. We probably played good, but they played better. That is just what it is. You have to give them credit. They played lights out."

Mark Ingram, Running Back

"We were on a good run. You know, we've got to go back to the drawing board."

"They were just playing. We didn't have a good enough plan. So, we'll fix it."

"They played hard. They did a good job. We didn't do enough."

"I feel like we just didn't get going early. The defense played great. They kept us with a chance to win. We just didn't do enough, a lot of penalties. The defense got turnovers. We were able to lean on our defense today, but we weren't able to do enough to win."

On how they rebound: "We take this break. We come back Wednesday. Well, first we figure out and correct this stuff. Then have our little break and get back to work this week."

On lack of first half points: "I'm not worried about it. We'll be just fine. We've still got the same play makers, the same you know? We're good. We just got to fix it. We didn't do enough today. We just need to make sure that this never happens again."

On if Dallas did something different: "They didn't do anything out of the ordinary. They played good football. Give credit to those guys. They were prepared. They played good football. Like I said, we didn't do enough to win."

On Dallas linebackers: "They run to the football. They play hard. They play good as a unit. Give those guys credit. But I don't think we played to our standard today. We'll be back."

Alvin Kamara, Running Back

On if he expected a penalty on that hit: "Did one come out? It is what is. It doesn't matter what I was expecting…Yeah, I'm cool. I came back out, didn't I?"

On if there were surprises in lack of production: "Were there surprises? I mean, it is football. There are a lot of variables that go into this game. So, you know it is what it is. Like Mark was saying, we just didn't play to our standard. We are going to get it corrected.

Benjamin Watson, Tight End

"You've got to give Dallas credit. Give them credit defensively. We didn't do very much offensively. They played a great game…They did a good job today."

"It's definitely frustrating. As an offense, you want to score points. That's your job. Every time you go out there every time, you want to score. That's what we focus on. Tonight, you just have to give them credit. They had a good game plan. They had us off kilter. They got pressure on us. They had some great pass defenses. They did a good job battling off the running game. Offensively, we just never got in synch. We had a couple drives but not enough to complement our defense. Our defense played a tremendous game."

On third and longs: "I think play callers always talk about what they are going to call on 3rd and 8, 3rd and 12, 3rd and 15 or whatever. Your percentages go way down when you get yourself in that position. It's a long season. This is one unit. This is one loss. As tough as it is, you never want to lose any games, but in the big scheme of things it is one loss. Next week, we have to come back and prepared for our next opponent."

"We always try to emphasize our tempo. I think we tried our presnap shifts quickly. We tried to get to the fronts quickly. They were able to stop a lot of what we tried to do. All you can do is complement them. They had a great game plan. Those guys made plays. Obviously, we have some work to do."

On moving on: "It's always important. Whether you win or whether you lose…it's the same process. You have to dissect the tape. We may play them again. We may not play them again. It really doesn't matter at this point. What matters is moving to next week. It's fortunate for us that it's Thursday. We have a few extra days to digest this and comb through the details to get ready for our next opponent."

Jermon Bushrod, Offensive Lineman

"We've got to go back to work. It's a humbling experience when you're not doing the things you're supposed to do. As an individual and as a team, we left a lot out there. But I'm not going to take that from them. They came out and they brought it all four quarters. The first half was not good. We came out and did some good things in the second half, but it was just too little too late. We couldn't put the consistent drives together like we are used to doing and it came back to bite us."

"We got used to winning games. When you come in here and don't get the job done like that, yeah we've just got to get back to work. We've got to go back and detail our assignments better. We've got to get in the classroom and figure out what we need to better at. We need to figure it out fast. The good thing is that we've got extra four days. But the next week is going to come around here before we know it. We've got to get back to work. Nobody cares that we lost. They are just looking to see how we respond."

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