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Quotes from New Orleans Saints players after the 35-32 win over the Steelers

Postgame quotes from Saints players on Sunday, November 30, 2014

QB Drew Brees

Do you know what you're going to get out of this team each and every week?
I would say that we've had some pretty consistent performances with the exception of maybe the end of the game. I don't think that we finish games very well and I would include today in that category. We had a cushion and that's not the signature we want to put on the end of this game where we lose yards as an offense and then their offense comes out and moves the ball up and down the field in very little time to make this game much closer than it should have been. We're going to enjoy this victory because we just beat a very good football team on the road after a lot of adversity for us. We're going to enjoy this and yet we still understand how much better we can become.

Re: Even though it wasn't the finish you wanted, still coming out with a win:
Winning breeds confidence and winning can cure a lot of things. It doesn't mean that you just ignore the things that can get you beat down the road. We've been in that situation too many times this year where we come out of games where we felt like we played well enough to win and just didn't finish how we wanted it to. I don't want that to be the defining thing for our team this year with the inability to finish, we've got to finish better.

Re: Playing turnover-free football today:
Anytime you can be positive in the turnover ratio, your chances of winning go way up. We did a good job taking care of it and were able to get a few on the other side, which create great opportunities.

Was Kenny Stills the intended target on his long touchdown catch?
He was the intended target. It was a double-move and we caught a guy sitting at the sticks and Kenny was able to get by him, keep his balance and stay in bounds and it was a huge play in the game.

Re: Jimmy Graham not having any catches today:
Somebody said after the game that Jimmy didn't have a catch and I had to think because it sounded crazy to me because he is such a big part of the plan and is always targeted. Listen though, we're never going to complain when we score 35 points and have no turnovers. I think we operated at a very efficient rate out there in both the run game and the pass game. The ball just happened to go other places today. There were great matchups and we were able to make big plays in the passing game, so it was just one of those crazy games where forever reason, he didn't get a catch, yet he always draws a ton of attention and opens up other opportunities for others.

Re: Winning the last two road games and what that says about the team:
I think it says a lot about guy's ability to turn the page and move on. To really be diligent during those weeks in regards to taking care of their bodies, getting work done on the practice field and putting in the time that needs to be put in this week which is really difficult too because you have the Thanksgiving holiday. Things were kind of cut short around you and yet you until have to find time to be professional and get the work done that you need to get done. Hats off to our guys for handling it that way and Coach Payton for setting the schedule accordingly.

How much of a boost was turning the two turnovers into touchdowns?
Turnovers are always momentum changers regardless, but anytime you can get a short field with it those are huge. We've had some this year where it's in our own end zone so we get the ball at the 20 (yard line) and so you still have to march 80 yards and yet there's this feeling of an opportunity. Obviously the one where we get the ball inside their 20-yard line and two plays later we're in the end zone. That's a quick strike. That's a big factor in a game.

When someone says you can't do something does that fuel you?
No. Listen we tune them out. We really do. We understand that comes with the territory.

Do you ever feel like people question you more now since you're 35 than when you were younger?
My mentality, my approach, my preparation and process throughout the week does not change regardless of whether people are singing my praises or telling me I can't play anymore. I really don't care (laughing). I pride myself on the way that I work, the way I prepare, the type of leader and person that I'm trying to be for my team.

Re: Being 5-7 and leading the division and has it been a crazy year:
(It's) not time to reflect. Not the time to reflect right now. We're full steam ahead. We have four regular-season games here that are going to determine our season or at least give us an opportunity to win the division and get in the big show. That's all that matters. It started today and it was a great win. We're going to enjoy it and yet we have a lot of work to do. We have three divisional games out of the next four so it will all be determined here very soon.

Re: Nick Toon's first career touchdown:
Yeah, I'm happy for him. Especially that wasn't just any old catch and waltz in the end zone. He breaks a couple tackles, got hit right there at the goal line and yet great ball security and finds a way to get across the goal line. I was really happy for him. His contributions over the last two weeks have been great with (Brandin) Cooks going down. So I'm excited for the opportunity he's getting.

WR Nick Toon

Re: Getting a chance to make an impact:
They drafted me. My experience has been nothing but positive. I'm blessed to be a part of this organization and just happy to be out there getting an opportunity to play.

Re: Avoiding losing three in a row:
It was a must win for us today. Our defense played well and our offense played well. We did what we needed to do to get a win. We have to watch the film, correct our mistakes and move on to next week.

Re: Making an impact:
It felt great to go out there and get an opportunity to play. My first touchdown feels great. It was a reat team win.

S Kenny Vaccaro

Anything about the team's mentality this week that was different?
Not really, we prepared the same type of game plan. We just executed. Honestly that is it. Sometimes it just comes from doing your job and executing. I think as a whole we did that and that's the result you're going to get.

Coach was frustrated with the penalties on the final drive. What do you have to say about it?
I was a little upset but one of the penalties they called was on me and it was not even me. Honestly I have to be smart and avoid knucklehead plays. I'm just playing hard. I'm not trying to be dirty. I'm just trying to get the guy on the ground.

Would you say this win is satisfying?
A little bit. We need to get stronger. They drove the ball a little bit that last quarter. We did everything the same. It was just guys doing their job.

RB Mark Ingram

How much does Jimmy open things up for you guys?
Even when he has zero catches it is like he had a hundred catches. He takes up two people so the defenses need to know where he is at and need to respect where he's at. Even when he is double covered he is opening it up for the other guys on the outside or me running the ball.

What kind of statement did this Saints team make today?
Come out here and play together as a unit. We just have to continue to get better and not get in the way of ourselves.

As an offense can you feed off new guys chipping in?
We know what they can do. We know what we have in our guys. When those guys have opportunities to step up, they step up and make plays.

Re: After the first three drives the offense started to click:
We just started getting into a rhythm. We started playing complementary football. We were playing as one unit.

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