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Quotes from Miami Dolphins Coach Joe Philbin and players following 38-17 loss to Saints

Dolphins drop to 3-1

Miami Dolphins Coach Joe Philbin:

"I want to congratulate the Saints, Coach Payton, and his staff and players. They clearly deserved to win the game. They played better than we did, without a doubt. They certainly deserved to win. Congratulations to them."

On turnovers:

"They were huge. I thought that roughly at the two-minute mark in the first half, I believe we were down 14-10 and we had possession of the ball. We were moving. We had some success in the first half (of previous games) with two-minute drills. While we hadn't played great up to that point in time, we were right in the ball game and hanging around with opportunity. It was a big giveaway (to turn the ball over before the half). That is not a good formula. Most of the game we were minus two. I believe we ended up minus three. It's not a good formula for us."

On the mismatches that the Saints' offense presented:

"We tried a variety of different coverages. We tried zone. We tried man. We tried some pressures. (Darren) Sproles is very good. We knew he was a good player going into the game. We tried different combinations. He was very, very effective, no question."

On allowing 18 sacks already this year:

"It's a big concern. The thing that happened is we got down by 25 points. I believe in the first half, they really hadn't hit Ryan (Tannehill) at all. We had a very good running game. We were protecting the quarterback. We were throwing the ball relatively well. We had good balance. We got down 35-10, and I think that is when the onslaught began. Eighteen sacks, that's four and a half a game. That is too many."

On Drew Brees:

"He played excellent. He had very good command. He threw the ball accurately. He made good decisions."


"You have to look at the way the game went optimistically. We moved the ball up and down the field early. And I don't remember what the score was exactly but early in the ballgame we were right there. We were in good position but then we turned the ball over and they scored quick. And when we got behind we didn't panic. We were in the same position last week – you don't want to get yourself in that situation but I thought we were going to handle coming back real well. But we just didn't get it done in the second half."

"When we got behind we had to back off of the running game obviously. We were having a lot of success with the running game early and it definitely hurt us not being able to continue using the running game as the game went on. The offensive line did a great job and the wide receivers made the blocks early in the game and we were really moving the football. But then we got behind, and it really hurt us when we ended up not using the running game like we wanted to."

"We're not happy. Obviously you don't want to come out and perform like that. We are not happy with ourselves. But you look at it and there (are) things you can correct. And at the end of the day we know we have a big game coming up in six days. And we have a chance to go into the bye week 4-1. So right now we are going to go back and learn from our mistakes in this game, but we have to get ready for Baltimore this weekend."


"This was definitely not the outcome we were looking for. When we step on the field we expect to win. We came in with high expectations and it was a close game early on. But they (Saints) scored a few touchdowns in a row and that forced us to play catch-up."

"I wouldn't say he (Ryan Tannehill) wasn't looking for me out there; that isn't the reason why I didn't score. But I know I've lost every time I've played here in the Superdome. Like I said we came here to win and we just didn't get the outcome we wanted. But hey – we are 3-1 and we have a long season to go. We have another 12 games to play and that's what we have to prepare for."

"We just have to get back to work. They are a really good football team. They beat us, but at the same time we made a lot of mistakes. And those were mistakes we could have avoided. They did a great job and I'm not going to take anything away from them. But we've got to execute a lot better to make it a football game we can win."


"I thought we played real well in the first half. We moved the ball well and scored and it was a close game. And we were doing all of that against a good football team. But when you play a good team like that, you just can't turn the ball over like we did. Now we have to look at the film and go back to practice and get better."

"It was a great atmosphere out there. I mean it was a real loud crowd and the fans are really into it. I felt we did a real good job communicating and we were in the game early. But they played a lot better than we did and that's why we lost."


 "We've just got to get this game behind us and look at the film and regroup. We've got Baltimore coming in on a short week and we've got to worry about that now."


(on Jimmy Graham's second-quarter TD) "He (Graham) made a great play. Both Brent (Grimes) and I were right there on the coverage and we reacted when the ball was up in the air. But it was angled such that he went up and made a great play and came down with it. It obviously was a big play for them (Saints) and gave them momentum in the first half."

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