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Quotes from Marques Colston and Jabari Greer conference calls on October 1, 2013

Marques Colston and Jabari Greer spoke with New Orleans media via conference call on Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Marques Colston
Conference Call Transcript
Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What is working so well with the offense and what do you feel like you need to fix?
"The obvious, the last two games we have been able to put some more points on the board, which is a plus for us but we still feel like we are leaving a lot of plays on the field, especially in the red zone.  It is just something that we like we can clean up the efficiency down there and make us even better on offense."

What level of expectation do you guys have of Drew Brees?
"It seems to keep growing.  He is a guy that, and I say this time and time again, he comes to work and really prepares day in and day out.  It's really not a surprise anymore for us to see the kind of games that he had last night where he is just so precise.  It becoming the norm.  You lose sight of the fact that that is what he does on a day to day basis is really extraordinary."

Do you and your teammates feel like you have validated what your team has been about primarily with the exception of last year?
"I think that this team is really just focused on this season.  Obviously last season happened and it is something that we have left in the past just as you have to do with good seasons.  You kind of have to reset and get ready to go.  We have done a good job of really not letting the white noise affect us and really going out and focusing on the task at hand early on."

Do you think Chicago is still going to be a tough place to play even though weather won't be an issue?
"No, it is only going to be a tough game because it is a good opponent.  The field conditions, the weather conditions, they are really a non-factor because both teams have to play in it.  Really, it is a matter of us going on the road facing a really good team coming off a tough loss.  We know that we have to go up there with our A game."

What are the difficulties associated with being 4-0?
"Really the difficulty comes from the outside.  We just have to do a good job of continuing to do the things that got us to 4-0 and realizing the next game is the most important game.  That has been our approach and we have done a good job from top to bottom just approaching week to week like that and finding a way to win these games. You just really have to tune out everything out of the locker room and really focus on going to play a good opponent this week."

Is that based on Sean Payton hammering that home or is that based on veteran leadership?
"It's a combination of both.  You have to fight against human nature at all times and 4-0 was the start we were looking for, but there is still a lot of football left to be played.  Really just, again, it's continuing to focus on the reason we are sitting at 4-0 and just continuing to try and get better day in and day out."

Can you guess right now what Sean Payton's point of emphasis will be when you play the Bears this weekend? Will it be about protecting the ball?
"You hit it on the head, it is going to be protecting the ball.  Time and time again, that is the number one stat in football and really if you look at the difference in the turnovers, that is going to lead you to the winner or loser of any given game.  Going on the road against an opportunistic defense, we definitely have to protect the ball on offense."

Have you noticed any reason why the Bears are among the best in the NFL at takeaways?
"You can tell just by watching the film that it is a point of emphasis for them.  They do a great job of creating pressure up front.  They fly around and they get population around the football.  It is just going to be one of those games where it is going to be a point of emphasis."

New Orleans Saints Cornerback Jabari Greer
Conference Call Transcript
Tuesday, October 1, 2013

If it is not a 24 hour rule on a short week, are you already done enjoying last night's win?
"Well, yes we are. We watched the film and put the game to rest earlier today.  We started on our Chicago Bears preparation.  We are already getting prepared for next week's game."

What are the difficulties in preparing as a 4-0 team?
"I believe some teams have their own difficulties.  We are still finding exactly, pinpointing exactly what our focus is going to be this week and thankfully as players we don't have to do that, our coaches do a great job of that.  They decide our point of attack, what exactly in our arsenal we need to focus on and what type of game plan we need to prepare.  I think that the toughest thing is finding exactly what you need to win on that given Sunday because what won on Monday night isn't necessarily going to win on this upcoming Sunday."

Is there anything about last night's game that felt familiar to you in your time here?
"Any time you play at the Superdome and you have the success that we had, the crowd noise and the feeling in the dome is familiar.  It is an incredible place to play and our fans do a great job of creating an atmosphere of excitement.  I would say the familiarity is the excitement and the feeling in the Superdome."

Did there seem to be a turning point in last night's game?
"There was a point in the game in which they were coming back.  We were up by one score and they had some momentum going their way and fortunately we were able to get a stop and our offense was able to score.  We were able to get some momentum our way.  I believe there was one turning point when we were up substantially at the end of the third or the beginning on the fourth.  We had a couple of offensive drives that stalled.  They had another touchdown on their offense against our defense.  We felt that they were getting some momentum their way and I believe Jimmy's (Graham) last touchdown in the fourth quarter that was what we felt was a turning point that helped us wrap the game up."

Having the defense create turnovers and a couple plays later Drew Brees is throwing for a touchdown, does that feel familiar to you?
"Fortunately we have an offense that creates those opportunities, they do a great job of striking fast and being really meticulous with their approach.  Every week is different.  Every week is different, but overall since I've been here the guys have been incredible to watch and fortunately we play with them."

Last night was the first game we didn't read about the defense, are you disappointed you are out of the spotlight?
"We understand that everything is circular.  We've done a great job of understanding our role on this team, just try to go out there and create some excitement for the fans and really find exactly what our identity is and I believe it is starting to develop.  If it is acknowledged at the end of the first quarter than great, but ultimately we will be judged at the end of the season and I believe the team that we have, the guys that we have on our defense welcome that opportunity."

Can you talk about the defensive line continuing to go after it despite of an enormous lead and how that helps other players make some plays?
"The way that the defensive line has been playing despite the injuries or the rotation has been really great.  No matter who has been in there those guys have presented a relentless pass rush and have made our jobs on the back end a lot easier.  Credit goes to them.  And no matter who is in there, Junior (Galette) has been doing a great job along with Cam (Jordan) and Akiem (Hicks), Tyrunn (Walker), Glenn (Foster), and we know that once the other guys get in they are going to provide that same relentless pass rush.  I believe that is just the character of the defensive line room.  These guys are hard working.  They have nonstop motors and they are willing to do whatever it takes to finish the play and get to the quarterback."

When you hear the name Jay Cutler what comes to mind?
"Arm strength, he definitely has the command of his offense, and improvement.  He is a much improved quarterback this year and a new system."

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