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Quotes from Drew Brees' Wednesday presser

Quotes from Drew Brees' press conference after practice on Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees
Post-Practice Media Availability
Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How do you feel like the receivers did picking up the slack of Jimmy Graham?

"I thought they did a great job.  We had two receivers over 100 yards.  I don't remember the last time that has happened.  I think they all contributed greatly.  And yeah with Jimmy coming off the (shoulder) injury we wanted to be smart and obviously not ask him to do too much so it just kind of happened to work out that way.  I thought we made a lot of big plays down the field with those receivers."

How long do you feel like it took you to get comfortable with the veteran group of guys and where are you in that process with some of these younger guys?

"I feel like we are well on our way.  You guys have heard me talk about Brandin Cooks and yes he is a rookie and yes we had had limited time together and yet he is so sharp in being able to pick things up and we use him in a lot of different ways.  He just continues to amaze me with his ability to compartmentalize those things and go out and execute it.  If he makes a mistake it only happens once.  He corrects it very quickly.  I've been impressed with that. Kenny Stills is another guy that I kind of said the same things about him last year I said to you about Brandin now, the hat isn't too big for him.  We can put him in different places as well, different receiver positions and it's not mind blowing for him, and he's able to grasp it and go out and execute it well, those two guys being really the two young guys being active right now.  Joe Morgan's just kind of buying time and waiting for his opportunity.  I feel really good about his progress and then Nick Toon as well, whenever that time comes. All of those guys I feel really good with."

What are your recollections about past games against Green Bay and what are your thoughts on Aaron Rodgers?

"Just know that when you have Aaron Rodgers on the other side of the ball, that offense and the way they execute and the way they score points, it just makes you feel like you have to be even that more precise and execute that much better, take advantage of every opportunity that you get.  It is all of the little things; all of the details become that much more important."

When you come off a tough loss, how do you keep the balance of using that as partially motivation and moving past it?

"Here is the thing, it bugs you for like 24 hours.  It really bugs you.  Once you have an opportunity to watch the tape a few times and get through the coaching points, make the notes, and make the corrections you mentally have to let it go and move on.  It's what makes this work week more exciting is that you get a chance to move on and another opportunity to get on the field.  Again, home fans, Sunday Night Football, against one of the best teams in the league right now."

What is it about playing prime time home games?

"I think it is a prideful thing.  Any time you play on prime time you are the only game on television and it is an honor to be chosen in that slot.  You certainly feel like you want to kind of back up the reason for them putting you on.  At home, for obvious reasons, it's the Dome (Mercedes-Benz Superdome), it is our home, it is our fan base, it is the Who Dat Nation and I know they take great pride in it as well."

Right now you are not on pace to get to last year's touchdown total, is there a coverage reason why?

"I do not really care about last year's statistics or any prior to that.  I do not really care what we are on pace to do or not to do.  I try to stay in the moment; try to stay with each game, within the framework of each game one at a time.  Our execution should be getting better, that is what you want each and every week is feel like you're making improvements, feel like you're making strides, and feel like you're coming into your own.  I don't think we have scratched the surface with what we can do this year yet offensively.  I think we have showed signs and yet I think on a consistent basis we haven't quite found it yet but we are on our way and that is the exciting thing.  You keep chipping away at it knowing that your best is still yet to come and we are going to need it this week against Green Bay.  I'm not worried or concerned or that doesn't keep me up at night."

How do you get to that point?

"To kind of answer your question again about the overall big play production is what you are referring to, you have to be prepared to march the ball 80, 90 yards down the field and convert a few third downs in the process and just finish those 15 play drives.  The great teams have to have the ability to do that or else you know what teams are going to do, they are just going to play you conservatively all the time, keep it in front and figure hey, at some point you are going to make a mistake.  The minute you can really prove on a consistent basis that you are able to do that, and then you start getting more of the opportunistic looks defensively to make big plays.  I feel like and I don't know how many big plays we came out of last game with but it feels like we had quite a few that we considered a big play in the passing game, 20 yards or more.  We definitely had quite a few of those.  That's what you want and a couple of them were for big third down conversions so if we can continue to improve in that area I think it is going to be a big thing for our offense."

What is the challenge with going from Jonathan Goodwin to Tim Lelito at center?

"I have a lot of confidence in both of those guys.  There are definitely some slight differences that you just have to account for in regards to snap, snap location and that kind of thing.  But other than that it is just a quick mental kind of a click and then the train keeps rolling."

Do you come to expect more drives starting on the opposite side of the field or is that one of the things where you just have to take them when it comes?

"When it comes, yeah, again, if anything we are going to expect to start the 10, 20 yard line and have to march it.  All of a sudden we get a good set of circumstances, a turnover, special teams or whatever and we get the ball at the 40, 50 yard line or in their territory, man that's a bonus and obviously that is a big momentum shift as well just mentally.  But we always have to be ready to march the ball to get points."

Has it been frustrating for the offense to not have more opportunities to start with the ball in opponent's territory?

"We worry about things we can control.  We don't control where we get the ball.  We just control what we do with it when we get it."

*Do you hear some of the criticism out there? *

"To be honest with you I only hear about it when I talk to you guys.  These aren't the most exciting times right now coming to talk to you guys.  I'm just assuming, common sense will tell you that you are 2-4 and if they were criticizing you two to three weeks ago, there are probably even more criticism now.  That is part of this game.  That is part of this business. You are going to take your lumps at times but you have to remain confident and remain positive.  Certainly that is what I am all about. I know that if we keep doing things the right way good things are going to happen and hopefully that is sooner rather than later."

Was the Detroit game evidence of that in your mind because guys played their best game?

"Yes if you can play a little bit better each week then eventually the wins will come and with wins comes a lot of confidence.  Winning breads confidence and then the more wins you get the more it just feels like it is automatic.  Yeah, it is more fun to come to work when you are coming off a big win and you can stick your chest out a little bit.  Right now you just feel like man, it is all work, it is all work and not a whole lot of fun yet but the fun is coming."

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