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Quotes from Drew Brees and players postgame press conferences

Drew Brees, Cameron Jordan, Jimmy Graham, Robert Meachem and Curtis Lofton addressed the media after the win over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, September 22


(on if team is starting to form an identity) "Yes, I believe so. We will continue to build that and watch that grow as they season goes on. While there are a lot of familiar faces who have been in the program for some time, we have some new players who are playing some pretty significant roles on the team. I think it is just a matter of time on task and coming together. It's not until you start playing games and battling together and finding ways to win, fight through adversity, counting on each other and all of those things that you find out about your team."

"We won the first two weeks in nail biter situations. We talked all week about finishing. Today, we were successful in that regard as we outscored our opponent 14-0 in the fourth quarter. We need to continue to find ways to win. Hopefully, we can continue to get better and gain confidence and momentum."

(on scoring a touchdown) "It's funny because that play happened exactly like that in practice this week. Coach says what happens in practice usually happens in the games. That's a good thing for all of us to recognize. It makes you realize that they way that you draw it up is the way that you visualize it. You aren't going to see that all that often. It was a critical point in the game because it gave us a three-possession distance from our opponent. It was a big momentum shift to be able to get that third in long in the red zone to start the fourth quarter."


"We just have to take it one game and one practice at time. We don't need to jump ahead or look back. We have a lot of young guys. Anything can happen. We have to take it one game and practice at a time.

(on his touchdown catch) "The touchdown catch was great. The only problem was that I thought Jimmy (Graham) was supposed to jump and take it. He said the same thing. If he would have jumped, then he would have had three touchdowns. It felt so good to score. I was kind of mad at myself because I had a ritual when I was here. I used to toss the ball underhand to the fans. I really should have kept that ball. That ball meant a lot to me, but some fan got it."


(on his first touchdown) "It was something that we had coming out of the huddle. It's a look that (Drew Brees) wants and he alerts me in the huddle. It's just run, jump and get it. That's just what we do and I was lucky enough to catch it."

(on winning comfortably) "People forget how physical and tough it is in our division. Every divisional opponent is very, very tough. You don't really know what team you have yet after the first couple of games. You're trying to figure yourself out and what you do best and what you need to work on. Most of the games in the division are like that. We really talked about finishing before the game. We haven't been finishing games in the fourth quarter, at least offensively. Today in the fourth quarter, we were able to finish."


(on getting pressure on the quarterback) "We were able to get pressure and get back there. We had a depth to our defensive line, which is always amazing. We have a lot of youth and talent on the defensive line."

(on responding after giving up an early touchdown) "That's owed to the linebackers. We put emphasis on forgetting about the prior series. We just have to keep playing football like we know how to play. We did a phenomenal job to responding to that. We just have to keep it rolling.


(on getting quarterback pressure) "My hat goes off to the defensive line. They get together. They study film. They find out what works and what doesn't work for them. They stay extra after (practice) working on their games and working on their rushes. That makes it a lot easier for us when we can drop people back because of the four man rush. We don't have to blitz and that's a great feeling."

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