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Quotes from C.J. Spiller and Stephone Anthony's Monday conference calls

Audio and quotes from running back C.J. Spiller and linebacker Stephone Anthony's Monday conference calls with local media

New Orleans Saints Running Back C.J. Spiller
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, November 2, 2015

Can you talk about your two clutch touchdowns this year?

"Well I mean I was just in the right place at the right time and just going out there and doing my job. You always know when that moment or turning point will come, but you want to make sure you're in position. We called the play and we worked on that play a ton leading up to the game and so all the work I put in during the week paid off."

Do you feel like Coach Payton and Drew Brees are figuring out everything you can do?

"I think so. Each and every week I can improve and I've been able to showcase. I think they have a good idea of what I can bring to the table as far as helping the offense make plays. They will continue to find ways to get me more involved."

How has the confidence level been between Drew and all the receivers grown as the season's gone on?

"They put in work. He is always in constant communication with all the receivers to make sure they know how he wants routes run and where they should be on certain routes and then they go out and work on it. Anytime you can catch the ball and make plays and anytime he is throwing it the way the way he is throwing it the confidence is going to increase. I think he has a comfort level with all the guys he throws the ball to make plays."

What's it like to play with a guy (Drew) with that kind of ability?

"Obviously he is different than (the) guys I played with (before). He is very smart and he is a hall of famer and the stats back it up. It has been fun to play with him and see how he prepares during the week and also going to the game and seeing how focused and fined tuned he is in each and every play. It's been a tremendous asset for me."

Do you think your role could expand since Khiry Robinson is out with that injury?

"I'm not sure that will be up to Coach Payton. I just have to come each and every day trying to get better and try to find ways how I can get better as an individual and as a player and try to help out our offense. I'm not sure what that role is going to be."

How much pressure was on you to come out after your junior year and do you think players would make the right decision if they could come out earlier?

"I think each player is different. I think it just depends on each person's situation and there is nothing wrong if you decide to come out .I think it comes down to that player and what he feels is best for him and his family and to me I made a promise that I wanted to graduate from college and I fulfilled that promise and then what better way to do it than to come back and play one more year with my teammates and going to an ACC championship game and something that hadn't been done in 19 years. So it was a great choice and made tremendous friends and memories that will last forever."

Do you believe it's fair that players are restricted from coming out?

"I think it just comes down to maturity and obviously the NFL's the best of the best athletes in the world. If a guy think he is ready to take on what the NFL presents both on and off the field then he will come out and if not than guys will stay in. I don't think the freshman can come into the NFL, just from a maturity standpoint you wouldn't be ready what comes on and off the field."

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Stephone Anthony
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, November 2, 2015

What was it like playing with Michael Mauti and how was it adjusting after the injuries?

"I think we adjusted well. Obviously we got the win, but I think he did a good job of being able to step up and be in position and make plays. The game doesn't change much, see the ball get the ball."

What do you think of C.J. Spiller?

"He's an elite athlete. He's going to be a tough cover for a DB, linebacker, safety or whoever is covering him at that time. He is a tough out."

Do you throw this game out since it got out of hand?

"I think we got the stop when we needed to. We obviously have to improve and have to take and learn from our mistakes. We didn't play well or play our best and I think everybody understands that. On a Monday morning, on the day off we are going to try and learn and get better."  What's the mindset of the team now compared to the start of the season?

"I think we just take it one week at a time. We do our best that week and do what we can and we're going to try and win that game on that day."

Do you feel like the defense took a step back yesterday and what went wrong?

"It's a lot to learn in any game we play in. After watching your tape and getting with the guys, I think it's a process we are eight games in now and it's a process we are going through and have to continue to gel and play well together. (We) Just have to continue to believe in the process."

At Clemson you guys played in some games like this because you had a fast-paced offense as well. Was that a unique game or is there any game in your past that you can compare it to?

"The first game that I can think about is probably (Clemson against) NC State in my sophomore year. NC State came in there with (Mike) Glennon. They had a couple of good receivers and they were able to score some points. We were able to do the same thing and we were able to get the key stop when we needed it. We ended up winning the game."

Can you explain why the Giants were able to score 49 points and yet were just one-of-eight on third downs? What was the good and bad of that?

"Obviously, we had some penalties that we have to clean up and address. That is part of the game. When you have elite athletes and when you are playing hard, things happen. We have to keep trying to overcome adversity and keep trying to get off the field like we're doing."

When Khiry Robinson got hurt during the game there seemed to be an awful lot of concern for him with players huddled around him. Was that reflective of him in some way?

"I think it's a reflection of all things. I think it's a reflection of what Coach Payton is building here and what the coaching staff has in place. It just goes with the type of guys that we have here. We're trying to grow as a team. We have a genuine care for each other and he's our brother. Everybody had their hands reached out praying for him and praying he gets back. "

Do you like the position that this team is in now? It didn't look good at 1-4 and now you are 4-4; how confident are you that you guys are going to be able to continue this role?

"I think the best thing that we can do right now is continue to prepare each week, continue to focus on one week at a time and try to win that game on that week. I think that's what we're doing well now. We're starting to play together. We are going to put all three phases of the game together, we are going to complement each other and we will put a good game together. Like I said, right now, it is one week at a time."

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