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Q&A with Terry Fontenot at the 2015 NFL Combine

Terry Fontenot spoke with John DeShazier at the 2015 NFL Combine

Alright we're here with Terry Fontenot, director of pro personnel for the Saints. Ryan Pace left to be the general manager in Chicago. Did that change your role at all, to kind of fill the void when Ryan left?

"Well, it did a little bit. It just kind of changed the way we're doing things here. Ryan was like a brother to me so I'm definitely going to miss him as a person. We're really excited about what we have going with Jeff (Ireland) being here and running the college side and just everything he can do. So it'll change a little bit, change people's roles a little bit but we're excited about moving forward."

Did you perhaps get into the college aspect a little more with Ryan Pace being gone or still pretty much do what you do?

"Right, well Mickey (Loomis) and Coach Payton really like for us to be cohesive and for us to blend and we'll definitely do that. I'll get to do some college stuff just like Jeff (Ireland) will do a lot of pro stuff. A former general manager that has done all of the things he has done and you've got to take advantage of that in every aspect of the organization that you can, so Mickey and Sean definitely are going to do that."

Now the Saints are an organization that really encourage different voices. Have you had more of a voice in this situation, or pretty much the same?

"Yeah, I think I've definitely had more of a voice. When you have a person like Ryan leave, multiple people have to step up. So, we've had more of a voice and we were 7-9 last year. We're at the Combine now and there are 31 teams disappointed. There is only one team that's happy, so we're definitely moving forward. Character, toughness, intelligence; we've got to bring in the right types of players in this offseason to get back to that point where we'll win championships – that's what we want to do."

Now on a personal standpoint, obviously Ryan Pace left to become a general manager. Mickey Loomis says he sees those same characteristics in you. Is that something he conveys to you? How do you take that kind of compliment?

"I think it says a lot about this organization. It is kind of humbling for him to say something like that. When you work for an organization that has won a lot of football games, you've watched Mickey Loomis – I think he's the best in the league. Coach Payton – I think he's the best in the league. When you see an organization like this, you learn a lot. I think that's why people get opportunities from here. We understand that and it's good but at the end of the day you've got to win football games, if anybody is going to get an opportunity, so that's what we're looking forward to. Bring in the right players, we can win – not just games, but championships.

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