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Q&A With Shaun Rogers

DT agreed to terms on a one-year deal with the Saints on Tuesday. Welcome to New Orleans. What were your initial thoughts when the Saints called you to come and visit a week ago?

Shaun Rogers: "It was a positive response from the start. I had some things on the table and I was just weighing my options. I was encouraged that a team of their caliber was interested in me. I just wanted to meet them and see if it was a right fit for me." There were a few other teams that you were talking to as you were a free agent. Can you talk about what made you decide to join the Saints?

SR: "I just felt this was the best situation for me at this point in my career. I wasn't really weighing what teams offered me or didn't offer me. I just felt at the end of the day a team this talented was the best situation for me to be in to achieve the goals that I want to achieve." When you have been healthy, you are known as one of the most disruptive interior defensive lineman in the NFL. What are your thoughts about joining the Saints' defense?

SR: "Everyone knows Gregg Williams is a talented guy when it comes to scheming defenses and focusing on making big plays. I am encouraged to be in a system with such a respected coordinator. I am also thrilled with the offense they have. To face (Drew) Brees, one of the Top-3 quarterbacks in the league, in practice every day is pretty exciting." You've played quite a bit of nose tackle in your career and also some in a 4-3 defense. The Saints' defense has shown an ability to throw a lot of different looks at teams. What are your thoughts on playing in a varied defense with the Saints?

 SR: "I think for the Saints and I what was so appealing was that I have had success in all interior positions and provide a little versatility. I am a sizeable guy (laughter) so I think I can benefit the situation." Coach Sean Payton talked a bit about how difficult it was to play against you and some of the different things you bring to the table. The first is obviously your size and quickness. Can you give Saints fans some idea of how you're feeling physically and some of the attributes you bring to the table?

SR: "Hopefully, I continue to be the player that I have been throughout my career. I look to be disruptive on the other side of the scrimmage. With me and the number of tools they already have there I think I can be a good fit." New Orleans is in the midst of Mardi Gras celebrations. Have you ever been here during Mardi Gras and do you know what it's all about?

SR: "I can't say I have been to a Mardi Gras parade before. I am not sure I will make it this year but definitely in the future if the opportunity presents itself I will have to make it out to one." How many guys do you know well on the Saints and have you had any discussions with them about joining the team?

SR: "Actually, I am not too familiar with the guys that are currently on the team but I played with Scott Fujita last season and he spoke very highly of the organization. Everyone I spoke to who has played there has just had good things to say. I am looking forward to being part of the solution to getting the team back to the Super Bowl."

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