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Q&A with Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael

Carmichael held conference call with New Orleans media

New Orleans Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael

Conference Call with New Orleans Media

Friday, December 16, 2016

What have you seen out of Andrus Peat as the season's kind of progressed?

"I think a player that has grown just more and more experience. A couple times he's been put in a little bit of a tough position where he's kind of had to move positons in a couple (consecutive) weeks, but you're talking about a guy that we've seen grow and is really playing at a high level."

When you compare him this season to what he was last season how big of a difference is it?

"Well I think the biggest thing if you asked him was just about his experience and the more he plays the better he gets and probably feeling more confidence in the offense."

What is the challenge for him each week having to play some guard and tackle?

"In fairness to him he's handled it really well and I think we tried to pay attention to where we think he's going to play each week and try and get him the most reps at that spot as possible."

Do you think he has communicated better?

"I think that's extremely fair. I think that's one of the things that you see with experience, feeling more comfortable. I absolutely see more communication from his part."

Do you think anything else has helped him improve?

"I think he is a guy that works on it. He's smart and I think he loves the game."

How tough is it for you when you see the defense playing well and the offense not clicking as much?

"Yeah, obviously the last couple weeks we haven't done our part offensively and we haven't been able to sustain drives. We've gotten behind teams with some penalties and negative plays. That is something that we have to do better at."

Do you think the standard is too high for offense to achieve each week?

"I think that the standard that we've been able to build here is something that we are proud of. We go into every game expecting to play our best and really when you don't you have to look at the reasons why you didn't."

What do you think about the way Bruce Arians runs that offense?

"I think first of all as a person I really respect him, as a coach as well. They do a great job I think. When you get a chance to come across seeing them on offense (you will see) a guy that is very aggressive and you can tell his team plays with confidence."

Do you guys use Tim Hightower and Mark Ingram in the same role or are their roles different?

"I would say they have a very similar roles and we're comfortable rotating them and regardless of potentially what play may be called we feel good with either of those guys doing it."

What is the reason behind giving Travaris Cadet a carry?

"I think that as you get into the gameplan of Tim and Mark getting the majority of the carries and again we probably didn't have as many run plays that we'd like and the last couple games without being able to sustain drives and have a number of opportunities, but if Travaris is getting chance to run it we feel comfortable with giving him the ball and letting him run."

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