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Q&A: Sean Payton's Monday Conference call

Audio and transcript of Sean Payton's Monday conference call with local media

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Conference Call With New Orleans
Monday, September 19, 2016

Have you watched the tape of yesterday?

"Yes, all three phases."

What did you pinpoint on the kick that was blocked by the Giants. You have mentioned that you blamed yourself. Does that mean you thought it was formational?

"No, it's B gap pressure and we are not good at right guard and we are not good at right tackle. (There is) Too much penetration on that play and he ends up with basically leveraging the B gap and an outside hand knocking the ball down. It was penetration. We have to be better in our (field goal) protection."

Wil Lutz mentioned today that after putting some low kicks on film he knows guys will probably go after him. Is that something that you should look at?

"I am not so sure of that. He is doing well. I think the protection needs to be better and it is that simple. There's penetration and one of the D (defensive) tackles is able to hit the B gap. Our right guard and right tackle are not able to stop the penetration and that's as simple as it gets."

Sean what did you see from Vonn Bell in his defensive debut?

"I thought he played well. He had 46 snaps. I thought he tackled well. I'd say it was very good."

What is your feeling on how Coby Fleener has done through two weeks?

"He had a couple plays yesterday and then there are some plays we have to correct and get cleaned up. Obviously we're going to need him and need his touches. I would say it's still a work in progress. He catches a big spear route for a big gain. We are just over his hands with a red zone all-go. So I think that there have been moments but it has not been as consistent as we would like yet."

You had talked earlier and so did he this summer about needing to know the offense and where to go. Is that an issue that's improved?

"I think from an assignment standing it has. And yet there are still some details that we need to clean up."

When you set these goals about wanting to start fast and the season starts this way, what is the message to the players overcoming this?

"There is only one way to work yourself out of it and it's coming back and having a better week of preparation. I was encouraged with a lot of things that I saw on tape and yet discouraged in some areas. And in these days after here, we have to be brutally honest with ourselves, not only with the players but the coaches as well. We have to be better. It's not gloom and doom but when you are playing a game like that…one week it's a high scoring game and the next week it's an entirely different game, that field position, the mistakes made on your side or their side of the field can be significant. And for us to get three turnovers defensively was huge. Offensively I thought we were very poor on third down and that hurt us. That cost us. We ended up with just 13 attempts rushing, which is too few. I think that there are a lot of things offensively that we have to do better."

How are corrections in a game like this different than a game that you lose 40-7?

"What do you mean how are they different? I think you put the tape on and you look closely to each play. I don't know that making corrections in a close low-scoring game is any different in ones that you win or lose by a big margin. You still have to look closely and not get blinded by some things that have to get cleaned up."

I know you don't discuss injuries but give the severity, what looked serious with P.J. (Williams) is there any update on him?

"I mentioned this after the game, he will be coming back this afternoon and all the news is positive which is real encouraging. It was just the significance of the hit. And I have watched it in slow motion a couple of times and it is really the right knee of the tight end as he is running and as P.J. is beginning to tackle it hits the side of the helmet and causes the concussion. He will be en route back today."

Can you explain why Stephone Anthony and why has not played much on the defense? What has kept him of the field?

"Well yesterday was really more about a nickel package. I'm going to say for 98% of the snaps they were in 11 personnel. We played a three-safety look to it. We played a true nickel look to it With less base, there were less opportunities for him to be in."

In general though is there something that he needs to keep developing to see more playing time this season?

"Well he is working at the SAM and he dual trains at the MIKE as well."

Late in the game on a second-and-one there was a pass interference penalty against Sterling Moore. Did you have any objection to that call in any similar way to the fourth down call a week ago on Craig Robertson?

"No. I think it's much different. A lot of bumping, a lot of hand to hand combat both sides when we are running down the field, the same way when we are on offense. Just trying to distinguish the challenges they have, but no I wouldn't put it in that same area."

Obviously it's a different game plan for each opponent but the success you had against their passing game limiting those big plays. Is that something you can carry over as you go against another team with a dangerous passing offense this week?

"I think again each week it depends on who you are playing and how it fits."

Obviously the offense was really successful week One, but how did you think Pete (Carmichael) did calling plays this week?

"I think it's difficult when you are in those third and long situations and again collectively as a group and coaching staff we are putting together a plan and there are times when shoot I'm recommending a call to Pete. So we are not going to rate Pete each week on. I know we are not going to do that. We need to be better on third down. That was not very good. I think that from a rushing standpoint I think we had some early positive runs and all of a sudden we end up with the game over and only 13 rushing attempts. I don't like the balance there but there is enough stuff on tape that we need to get better at. The play-calling is not one of the issues."

Do you have any stance on fines versus suspensions being cited for flagrant hits or dirty hits and would one be more effective than the other?

"I don't know. I'm always leery, here is the thing that can't happen and this did not happen in our games, but I'll bring it up. The things that's most difficult is the penalty on what appears to be an illegal it and come to find out on Tuesday or Wednesday or Monday it was a good hit and it changed the outcome of the game. I think (it's) more effective and I also think unless it is clear, I think it's much easier to see on tape when it is slowed down and I think you have to be careful because it happens so fast. Those guys have a tough job."

Given the game this week and obviously the Ten-year anniversary of the return to the Superdome and Steve (Gleasons) block. Is that something you can build off of and something that could come distracting because of everything around it?

"I don't think either is the answer. It's the Atlanta Falcons, it's a division opponent and its our first division game, we have not won. It is Monday Night Football and that's the easy motivation in regards to the significance or importance to the game. A lot of these guys were not around and shoot they may not have been playing football when that happens. It's more about the division opponent, Week Three in the season and finding a way to get our first win."

Will the 10-year anniversary of the game allow any personal reflection of any way?

"I don't know. I have trouble keeping up with 10 years and last year was ten years from (Hurricane) Katrina. So this is ten years on the '06 season I guess. The personal reflection would be much later. Right now we are knee deep in trying to clean up the mistakes and find a way to get our first win and that's really the truth. I'm sure at some point maybe and there would be and yet I felt like a year ago when (Michael) Mauti blocked the point that there was some, I probably thought that was 10 years removed so this is another 10 years I guess."

Is it good news that its ten years later and you are still coaching here?

"Yeah that would be the good news. I enjoy it and this group I'm telling you and I said this to them, there is no sugar coating a loss and their effort and want to, all of those things are in place. We have to find a way to detail the specifics and that's starts with us coaches."

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