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Q&A: Sean Payton's Friday press conference

Video and quotes from Sean Payton's Friday press conference

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Post Practice Media Availability
Friday, November 13, 2015

Do you have any sense on whether the backup will be Garrett Grayson or Matt Flynn on Sunday?

"We will keep you guys up to speed. It won't be a big secret. (We are) Just trying to get Flynn as quickly as possible up to speed with what we are doing so we will probably lean with Garrett."

How has Stephone Anthony played with so many different weakside linebackers?

"I think when you are the mike and that is what he plays, he is the signal-caller. He gets the radio in. He is on top of what we are doing, but when there is a veteran right next to him or someone that has played a lot it certainly helps. We had a handful of games with Dannell being healthy. Certainly he has playing experience. Along with Ramon Humber, David Hawthorne so you would like to have that consistency and yet that hadn't been the case just because of injuries, but each game some of these younger players are gaining that experience that we always talk about and they can't get it until they play."

What are the pluses and minuses of having your bye week so late?

"Good question, I think and I am not speaking for other coaches. I think when you look at when your bye comes the only thing that would not be preferred would be that first one. Like week four or whatever it is. This is as late as we have had one and anytime you have that bye it gives your team a chance to get healthy and in our case that would be true so outside of that I do not know of anything that you look at or anything specific that you draw to. You get to it and have a chance to get some guys another week of rest and I think we get to a stretch of six games and look to play our best football, but it starts this week."

What's your plans for next week?

"We have (had) a couple different bye week schedules. The last seven or eight years will bring the players in and get some work. Make sure they are (receiving) treatment and a lift in and back off some of the practices and then there are a handful of other things logistically that we take care of. Coaches will meet and kind of (start to) prepare the game plan for next game."

When do you let the players go?

"Typically early in the week."

Do you think the bye week is better to mentally recover or physically?

"Probably both, you play Thursday night football so you kind of get a smaller version of that, but I'm sure when it's the full bye it allows your team a chance to get healthy and hopefully return back ready to go."

What's your overall big picture of the defense so far?

"I would always stay away from big picture reviews right while we are in the middle of the season. We are working hard to improve each week and that's kind of the approach we take and when the season's over with you have a chance to go back over it, but now is not the time to do that. There is a ton of football (Left)"

Have you gotten an advance copy of Ben Watson's book?

"I haven't received an advance copy, but I am sure like a lot of people I am anxious to see it. He is a special guy and has been a great leader for us both on and off the field."

What are some of the things DeSean Jackson will add to the Redskins being back in the lineup for the second straight week?

"He is an explosive player. Man over the years it just seems like I spent a lot of my career in the NFC East so starting in Philly, New York and then Dallas and now here. Obviously, knowing the player from when he was at the Eagles he is one of those guys that can get behind the defense and can also catch underneath the defense and advance it. His yards per (catch) is astounding. He is getting healthy now so he is someone you have to know where he is at on the field every time."

Washington has only given up nine sacks all year is that Kirk Cousins getting the ball out or the offensive line doing a good job."

"Well part of it is both. Kirk's has a quick release and he knows where he is going with the football and at times it's going to be an intermediate to underneath pass, but at times they will go down the field. Their blocking for him well and he's making good decisions and it's a number that jumps out."

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