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Q&A: Sean Payton's Friday press conference

Video and quotes from Sean Payton's Friday press conference

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Post-Practice Media Availability
Friday, October 9, 2015

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

Post-Practice Media Availability

Friday, October 9, 2015

Did it feel good getting back to a normal week not talking about Drew Brees' shoulder injury?

"It's significant because it's the quarterback position and I think weekly the injuries they travel to different position groups. It's part of our game and so developing the guys further down the roster is vital."

Is there anything you can do to protect against the pace of Philadelphia's offense?

"I think the challenge really is replicating it with your look team. So there are a number of things we do, with regards to, no huddle, multiple plays. Almost to the point where it's real fast, but trying to replicate the look is the challenge. I think Luke (McCown) and those guys did a good job of that this week. Just with getting in and out of the huddle, getting up and down. Obviously, it's been said, I've said it. Both teams, not only Philadelphia, are looking for some second down efficiency and part of that is the running game and the balance that you're looking for."

When you see a team going that fast offensively, do you try and exploit that on offense by holding the ball longer keeping the defensive on the field?

"Well, I don't know that we try and change one way or the other. We just try to be mindful of what's going on and you pay attention to the drives and you may take a timeout, if you feel like it based on the time and conditions or if their winded. Hopefully, I think once you get into the flow of the game, you get into the timing. I think substitutionally it becomes a little trickier. Trying to run guys on and run guys off with the fear a ball could be snapped with too many on the field. You really have to pay attention to that."

Aside from Andrus Peat's conditioning is there anything else he has come a long way since camp?

"Absolutely, I think just coming from the college game and getting the calls, understanding the scheme and offense. Those guys and you see it with the young defenders because they are playing more, but all of them each week they are learning and getting a better feel for the pro game."

How is Andrus Peat's confidence since training camp and how has he handled that?

"I think his confidence is good. He's a first round pick at left tackle and I think he's prepared and he will be ready to go."

Do you mean right tackle?

"No, I mean this week we're looking to play him a left tackle (if Terron Armstead can't play on Sunday). You know at some point they go. At some point the rookie kicker kicks or the young receivers go. Terron Armstead a few years ago in Carolina (moved into the starting lineup). At some point they go."

There have been a lot of examples over the years of players playing their former teams and having big games. Outside of maybe two or three examples, no players have really done that to you. Do you put stock into players using such motivation to have big games?

"Every weekend it happens. It is not every year. Every weekend pick a game and there is probably someone on one team that was on the other. No (it's not rare), it's pretty normal. You take Malcolm (Jenkins) and Darren Sproles, those guys prepare each week at an elite level. I don't think there is this revenge factor. I think that is mythical. I think they prepare to win and play well. Pick a game last week; there was probably someone from Dallas or from the Saints. Next week (against) Atlanta, they'll be someone. I think that is our game and at this level guys are preparing to play their best each weekend. When all of sudden you have a game where a guy like Andre (Johnson) scores, yes I am sure that feels good, and yet he's been preparing. His work week hadn't changed (and) the game plan hadn't changed. Darren and Malcolm are good football players. They are in positions to make impact each week. We have to be able to cover the punts. He is a real good punt returner. (We have to) be able to handle the things that he does well. Same thing with Malcolm."

What does it say about Mark Ingram or the offense in that he is your leading rusher and your leading receiver?

"Some of that has been predicated by the game or the type of the game, (we played in a certain instance i.e.) Arizona. I wouldn't have known that until you just mentioned it. We're in and out of a lot of different personnel groups and where those touches go vary."

Do you get credit for putting the bullseye on the bus (last time you played the Eagles in Philadelphia)? I didn't catch that until it was mentioned yesterday.

"That was two years ago. We were just having some fun with the fans. It is a passionate (sports) city. I grew up there all of the way until I was in eighth grade. I grew up going to Flyers games and watching them win two Stanley Cups. (I grew up) seeing the Eagles, the Phillies, the 76ers and Julius Erving play. I grew up with all of that. The fan base is extremely passionate. It is a tough place to go play. Obviously, I had a chance to coach there, and then being in the division, whether it was the Giants or the Cowboys. It seems like we've played them a lot here. Their sports teams are awfully important to the fabric of that city."

Is it good to get the players to embrace that that is what they're going into?

"Going on the road, to begin with, is challenging. There are certain places that are just more challenging than others. When you're playing a good football team, it makes it that much more challenging."

Will you be putting the bullseye again this year?

"I don't know. I think we took a different route last time. All of a sudden we were there so it was kind of anticlimactic."


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