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Q&A: Sean Payton's Friday press conference

Video and quotes from Sean Payton's Friday press conference

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Post-Practice Media Availability
Friday, October 2, 2015

This Friday do you feel like you can say if Drew Brees will play?
"I think he's planning on it. I think we're planning on starting him. Based on the work week, and the reps, he's thrown well. Yes, I thought he looked sharp today."

Is there any soreness or inflammation at this point?
"No, it's just what I said. He's taken the reps and looks good.  I said this last week and this week again. Each day (you) just pay attention to how he's functioning and he looked crisp today. I think he's going to end up starting and based on the way the week unfolded, each day he's made the progress that we were looking for on deep balls and all that stuff. So it (the week) was good."

Have you been impressed how Drew has been able to heal thus far?
"I think all of that has gone real well and look, the diagnosis was never a tear, I've read that, the diagnosis was what it was. Obviously, you know when you're going to throw and it gets caught, there's a torque. It stresses that joint, but the rehab has gone well and you know how he is with being meticulous and attention to it and all of that. It's encouraging."

Can Drew's comeback provide a spark for a team that's looking for one?
"I think the spark doesn't necessarily come from the QB. I think the spark comes from all the players understanding and executing their assignment. Certainly there is a sense of urgency in a game like this, when we're sitting there in an early hole like we're in. So we just finished talking about it. It's up to each player to get up and be ready to play and execute the scheme."

Do you have to guard about them being too fired up for this game?
"No, these guys are, I mean obviously (a lot of) these guys are young players, but the key is the week of preparation. The key is the confidence having done it on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. As the week progresses, the film study, you're starting to see and get comfortable with whatever it is offensively, defensively or in the kicking game that you're doing."

A guy like Michael Hoomanawanui, is he available to play?
"Probably with this week, but it wouldn't be after this weekend. It's picking up just the terminology and all of that. At certain positions it would be easier, but I think at his position we will be shooting for next week."

Can you draw back on past success of Sunday Night Football games?
"I think, look, players in general, coaches, the team, you know you get excited playing on a national TV stage. I think there is an element to the fan base that helps us tremendously with it being a night game, but again a lot of these guys, a lot of them this will be their first primetime game. So drawing back on our past is one thing, we periodically do that, and yet we've got to find a way to play better at home and our first chance to do that is this game."

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