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Q&A: Sean Payton's Friday Conference Call

Audio and quotes from Sean Payton's Friday conference call

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Conference Call with Local Media
Friday, September 23, 2016

What kind of challenge does Julio Jones present for you this week as opposed to Odell Beckham Jr.?

"They (Jones and Odell Beckham Jr.) are different type players. I think some of the down the field throws that we get from this team, in regards to, off their play action, their run sell its, he (Jones) is a different type target, but nonetheless you have to pay attention when these guys (are on the field). When you are that good and whether it's because of their speed or size, generally, they have a lot of traits that they do or are very good at. A guy like Julio we are familiar with because he has been in the division. He has tremendous catching radius and they do a great job of getting him into the plan. They have him coming under on naked, over on routes. They have him on deep pylons on spears. It is a much different type of offense. I would say more difficult just from a preparation, just because of their ability to run the football."

The Falcons have added Mohamed Sanu. What does he give in this offense?

"He gives them that balance. Obviously, when you kick your coverage you rotate your coverage. A few years ago it was Roddy White and then Harry Douglas was the third. You have to, in our league have someone that can hurt you on the other side. Sometimes it could be a tight end or running back, but certainly a complementary receiver. I think Sanu has got real good size, he's smart and has a large catching radius. They're big receivers and I think that combination works well and so far looking at Sanu, he has been a good addition."

When you prepare for a guy like Julio Jones. Does it help to have a guy like Sterling Moore who has actually gone against him and could maybe tell the younger guys some pointers on how you defend against him?

"Yes, I think that veteran presence that veteran calmness helps. Having been in that division in Tampa Bay and been in some hard-fought games (is a positive), no different than a week ago (him) having gone up against Odell Beckham (Jr. in the past)."

You had mentioned that you sent that 4th and 5 play to the league from the Oakland game. What was the response to that inquiry?

"I'll leave it at that. We will have communications a handful of time. Typically, not a lot."

Matt Ryan has been quite efficient the first couple of games. What if anything stands out that might be different this season from him?

"Well, if you recall last year, their first five weeks they were 5-0. I would say they were playing winning football as we would all (as) coaches measure it. Their turnover numbers were good and their rushing numbers were good. You are seeing those same things. Those early downs are being productive; the third downs as a result are not as long. I think anytime your rushing numbers spike and are doing well that benefits any quarterback, especially a guy like him with their passing game because of what you have to do defensively."

How do you think Andrus Peat has done the first two weeks?

"I think pretty well. I think pretty well. I would say we are very pleased with the first two weeks. Obviously, the challenge he (Peat) had, it was on us as much as anyone. In training camp he was being moved around, (then late in the preseason we had) him on that left side, the stance he is used to being in, (and) he has done well."

What is Tevin Coleman adding to that offense right now?

"He is a cut runner with really good speed. I remember him coming out from Indiana and I have some good friends on that staff. I remember scouting that player and spending a lot of time on this player. He has real good burst and acceleration. He can put his foot in the ground and get north and south and that's the one thing you see on tape. He is not going to be a guy that tries to juke you out a lot in the hole. He is going to put his foot in the ground and accelerate with great speed and leverage."

Why do you think Desmond Trufant is that successful, so far into his career?

"He's (Trufant) got real good transition skills, another words start, stop, mirror (a receiver). Those are some traits that you would say any real good corner has and that's very good footwork and anticipation. The other thing I think he has (are) good ball skills and the biggest one that I've seen since his rookie year to now is that competitive drive. You can kind of see on tape sometimes a player's grit and toughness and you see that with (Desmond) Trufant, he's got very good change of direction. He plays smart and he's in a scheme that he knows exceptionally well and will challenge players. I know we and I say that our offensive staff, the quarterback Drew (Brees) watching the tape you're seeing this player right in the peak of his career right now, you see his growth, with certain players in your division it's just funny how you can see growth and we are seeing that and we've seen it now and he's turned into a real good corner."

How did Tommylee Lewis and Chris Manhertz do last game?

"It was limited and yet, Vonn Bell as well. I mean Vonn played in the kicking game, but (Chris) Manhertz is someone we have worked and developed here now for a while. We like this prospect, he is someone that I think can set an edge, he's physical sometimes you get a basketball conversion and your vision right away is receiving tight end. I would say with Chris (Manhertz) it's a little different. I would say he is further along in blocking than he would be in the passing game. I think with Tommylee Lewis, you guys saw enough of him in training camp and he has been a real good surprise. We just felt the way he's been playing, even practicing a week ago. We needed to find a way to get him on the field."

What went into the decision to have Willie Snead inactive?

"You are only allowed 46 up, so it wasn't anyone thing, but if I'm trying to get Tommylee Lewis up, it's just really a matter of 5th receiver, 5th back, 3 tight ends, you are constantly working this 53 to 46 and injuries can affect that at the beginning of the week. We will do an initial projection of who the 46 (will be). As you're getting ready to prep all week, you want to make sure you're giving guys reps that are going to be taking them in the game. That is one of the challenges when you get to 46 on gameday."

Did anything stand out in the return game in week Two, with (Travaris) Cadet and Tommylee (Lewis)?

"No, I would say we had a couple punt returns. I thought Tommy (Lee Lewis) had one good punt return. I'm not sure if it was 12, 14 yards, 15 yards, coming out from our right side of the bench, nothing of note outside of that, nothing that really jumped out. All of us with the rule change that took place in the offseason, are having to adjust quickly to where these balls are landing now and the clock in our head, in regards to the returns, I'm talking about kickoffs and I think that's the one thing after the Oakland game, twice the balls on the ground at the corner of the end zone or the corner of the field and we have to clean that up.

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