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Post-Practice Player Quotes From Thursday

TE Jimmy Graham and G Jahri Evans met with the media following practice on Friday.


New Orleans Saints Tight End Jimmy Graham

Post-Practice Media Availability

Thursday, August 16, 2012

How are you feeling? How is the back?

"Good, the back's good. I'm glad to be back on the practice field and I'm excited to play tomorrow. I've been in rehab all week, trying to get back for practice and help out the tight ends. It's good to be back."

Was it disappointing to not be able to play in that New England game?

"It was definitely disappointing, not only to play against such a great defense and such a great team but a chance to get better. For me, every down, every practice, every game is an opportunity to get better and I'm sure you guys were hoping for the Gronk-Graham."

How do you think your blocking is?

"I definitely think it's improved. I work at it every day and it's something that I need to work on and need to get better at. It's only going to help me get open if I can stay out there and be out there every down. I feel like that's going to help me and help this offense, but everyday I'm working, I think I've gotten better with leverage. It's still in progression."

Do you feel more cautious after the incident in New England that caused the back injury?

"No, I know I crash pretty hard. I sell out for the pass, because I had to get it. I told Drew (Brees), if you don't want me to catch it, don't throw it. It doesn't matter where the ball is, I'm going to go get it and that's just me."

What did you think of the Gold medal award by Cox Sports Television in a vote amongst players for you being who they think would be the most successful Olympian?

"The medal, I guess voted on by the team and by Drew, if anybody could be in the Olympics on the team, I guess I won, so this is my gold medal for I'm not sure what it is, probably volleyball or something."

What about the hammer throw?

"For sure. No, not hammer throw, I definitely think volleyball or something."

Not basketball?

"Definitely not basketball."

How is Daniel Graham coming along?

"He's a veteran. He's 11 years. I'm learning from him every day. He's been talking to me about his first years in the league. He's a first round pick. I believe he was picked right after Jeremy Shockey. He's been an every down tight end his whole career. He's given me his knowledge of what it takes to do that and how to grow."

Do you think you can break the bank?

"I'm already breaking the bank I think. I don't even think about those aspects of it right now. We have such a big season and we have so many hurdles to get over until that really comes in the picture. I know if I handle and I take care of the things I need to on the field that this organization will take care of me."

New Orleans Saints Guard Jahri Evans

Post-Practice Media Availability

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Are you excited to get back home in the dome?

"Definitely. It's always fun playing at home. The crowd is always rocking when the defense is out there. It's good to get back in the dome and get going with the preseason."

What are you looking for this offense to do this year?

"We are looking forward to moving the ball, continuing drives, putting together big plays, whether it's the run game or the passing game. We also want to score some touchdowns. Last week had a couple of drives that struggled a little bit but we are just looking to keep the ball moving."

With the new rules for training camp, do you think you were still able to get everything done?

"Yes, it's definitely a little different with the one practice a day and not the two full padded practices a day. Like I said before, you definitely have to take advantage of the extra time you have to learn the other aspects of the game in the classroom, different things you can do that are not physical.

Do you feel like it has accelerated the personnel changes you are going to have to go through?

"No, not really. I think we put the time in during OTAs. We have a lot of veterans on the team that know how to comprehend things, that are quick learners, and I think that helps us."

Is your body fresher without going to two-a-days?

"I think so. I think your legs will be a lot better. You don't feel as worn out being in the heat, being in the sun, banging two or three hour practices."

How has Ben Grubbs adjusted to this program?

"Ben has been great. He's a Pro Bowl player and it shows in his work ethic and how he applies it to the field when he gets out there. He's doing a great job and continues to get better. When you have a Pro Bowl guy come in, you expect him to still be a Pro Bowl guy when he gets here, and that's what he's shown to us."

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