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Philadelphia Eagles Postgame Quotes

Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid, QB Michael Vick, WR Jeremy Maclin, RB LeSean McCoy and WR DeSean Jackson spoke with the media following the loss to the Saints on Monday Night Football






"There are several problems to the game when you are 0-5 in the red zone, you have seven sacks and your tackling is terrible, you are going to struggle to win football games in this league. As coaches and as players, we obviously have to do a better job and that starts with me."

(on the tackling of the defense not improving with new personnel) "Well, we have to tackle. That is what you have to do. When you are put in the position to tackle, you have to get the guy down. We have to analyze if the guys are in the position to make the tackle or are they out of position? When you are put in the position to make the tackle, that's what you do."

(on the first interception) "The ball got tipped. I thought there was a fairly aggressive play on the tight end, it was questionable, but you have to make the plays. I felt like he was restricted a bit to get to the ball."

(at 3-5, what can you do as a head coach to get back in it) "You stick with your fundamentals, your basics and you keep practicing. Practice harder. You correct the mistakes. These are correctable mistakes. We have to do better than that."

(on the same mistakes not being corrected week in and week out) "In the red zone, those are not the same mistakes. We are not scoring there and you have to make sure that you score there. With the tackling, we've had a couple weeks here where we haven't been tackling well and we need to make sure that we get back to doing that better."

(on if he is concerned his players are not responding right now) "If I saw they weren't playing hard, I'd question it, but I think they played hard."

(on the offensive line struggling) "The guys need to keep working at it and get better. With some of those sacks you can look at coverage, and with some you can look at play calling, but we have to do better. The bottom line is we have to block the guys and do a better job."


"We are out there, fighting as hard as we can, giving it everything we got. I love each and every guy in that locker room. And if I could make every play right I would. And I know they would do the same."

"We had so many opportunities in the red zone and we just didn't capitalize. And that's tough. We worked on the red zone all week and when you get down there you've got to score points."

(on interception return for TD by Saints) "No, that wasn't an audible. It was an all out blitz by them and I actually thought we were going to get a holding call. But we didn't get the holding call and it was a tipped ball and it turned out to be a turnover in the red zone, and that's not good."

"It's very frustrating. We are coming out and playing games against teams we have opportunities to win (against). But when you get that chance everything has to come together. You have to be dead on and capitalize and you can't miss. You almost have to be perfect on every drive. It's very frustrating but you have to keep pushing forward."

"I am out there as a competitor trying to win. And I know I can do a better job in getting the ball out quicker. As the quarterback of this football team I take full responsibility. And you have to take advantage of every opportunity, and that means scoring points. Especially in this league, playing against a player like Drew Brees; he's one of the best players in the league."

"We try and go out and play every game for all of us - as players and for our coaches. As an organization we are not thinking about the situation at hand. When you step out on that field you are playing for one another. It's difficult at times but you've got to keep the course. It is what it is. We've got to keep our heads up high. We've just got to get wins. I care about this football team, and when you don't get wins its going to be rough. But to turn things around we have to win."

"I don't think it's too late, even at 3-5. We've just got to get better in all phases of the game. We've got to get better on offense, on defense, on special teams. We've got to block better, tackle better - everything you guys saw out there we've got to do better."


"I don't care what other people say because I'm a Coach (Andy) Reid guy. I love Coach Reid to death and I'm behind him 100 percent. We've just got to work through this - as a team and in practice. And whatever happens upstairs is way out of our control. All we can control is what's going on the field. And that means we have to play a lot better."

"We just didn't get it done in the red zone tonight. We had those two turnovers in the third quarter to make it a one possession game. But we just didn't convert. And you can't do that - especially playing in another team's stadium, in front of a hostile crowd."


"I just feel bad for the entire team: our quarterback, coach - everybody. If I had the answer about how to fix how we're playing, we would have won tonight."

"There were a lot of small things that added up out there that caused us to lose. Yes we were running the ball great, but then we got into the red zone and couldn't score. I know what you guys are asking. But it's not all Coach Reid's fault. All he (Reid) can do is put us in the right position to make the plays. And then it's up to us to execute the plays and compete. Right now we're just not getting it done."


(on 77-yard touchdown catch) "They actually blitzed on that play, and Michael (Vick) threw it up there and let me catch it on the run. And that freed me up a little bit to make a play. And it was a big play for us at the time."

"It's really frustrating to gain 400 plus yards and lose by the score we did. I mean if we gain that much we should score at least 30 points. There are a lot of things going on, but we aren't pointing fingers at anyone. We've just got to find a way to get through this. All I can do is keep the energy up, working hard in practice and trying to convince everyone to keep fighting."

"Our team is too talented to play like this. And we can't keep sitting around worrying about changes. It all starts this week in practice. We're having great practices and preparing the right way, but it's just not translating onto the field."

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