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Pete Carmichael: "They Are a Fast, Physical Defense"

Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael spoke with the media on Friday about the Saints rushing attack and facing the Broncos defense


New Orleans Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael
Post-Practice Media Availability
Friday, October 26, 2012

Did you guys do some extra studying on the run game in the bye week and make more of a commitment to it?

"What we did is we went back and looked at everything we had done both run and pass. We felt like we had some tendencies early on with our personnel. We used the bye week to try to clean up some of our assignments."

How did you feel about the run game?

"We had some good runs last week. Then we had a few negative runs and that's going to hurt your average. It wasn't just one guy we can point a finger at when we went back and did the self-scout during the bye week. It's something as coaches that we have to get cleaned up, it's our responsibility."

Was there any theme that you found? Any style of run or anything that has worked better in years past?

"I think our run game throughout the years has evolved but it's pretty much the same concepts. We do vary our formations as much as possible. Again, it was just looking and saying this guy had his hand in this one, another guy had his hand in another one. Again, we have to get that cleaned up as coaches."

They were saying on the broadcast that the plan was to get Mark Ingram more of a chance in this game to showcase himself. Was that a plan going in?

"We always go into a game saying that we want to try to have as much balance as possible. Then trying to divide up the work, we have Darren (Sproles) in that mix as well with Pierre (Thomas), so really just making sure that those guys, all of them, get enough opportunities so that they have a chance to get hot or get on a little bit of a streak."

Talk about the excitement of two great quarterbacks playing on Sunday night.

"During the offseason, Peyton Manning would be, when you're looking at offenses in the offseason, a guy that you would always study. Obviously he is tops in the game. We're looking forward to this opportunity. The matchup is going to be exciting. Sunday night. That's something that we always look forward to."

What has been impressive about the Broncos defense and what they have been able to do in the fourth quarter?

"I think this, they are such a fast, physical defense. They have excellent pass rushers on both sides on the ball. Typically, you might go into a game and feel like you have to account for a pass rusher maybe on your left or your right. You go into this game and when they get into their sub-package they're going to have some pass rushers that get after the quarterback so we're going to have to account for that. The secondary has great ball skills. They're just a fast, physical defense that is going to get after it."

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