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Pete Carmichael: "The Hardest Thing is That Our Season is Over on Sunday"

Pete Carmichael discusses the offense's 2012 performance, WR Joe Morgan, LT Jermon Bushrod and QB Chase Daniel


New Orleans Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael
Post-Practice Media Availability
Friday, December 28, 2012

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After this game you'll look at the overall season more, going into this last game what have you liked and not liked?
"I love the group of guys and the coaching staff we have. The hardest thing is that our season is over on Sunday. We are not going to the postseason. That's the biggest disappointment."

What can you guys work on to improve in the offseason?
"There are some areas where we have done a nice job, being particularly effective in the red zone. Our third down percentage is third in the NFL. I still think that can be better. I don't think we're ever satisfied. We're going to go back and look hard at the season. We'll look at turnovers, the run game and really just look at what I can do better. I think every coach on the staff's going to do that."

How important is it to bring Jermon Bushrod back? How do you fill that hole if he leaves?
"Honestly, I would say it about every guy on this team that we want them all back. But, it's a business. Really right now, those thoughts are not in our minds. We have one more game to play. I'll have a week to do some evaluations and then we'll probably get some time off for ourselves and we'll start thinking about those things."

If head coaching opportunities come your way do you think everything you guys went through this season as a coaching staff could help you experience wise?
"I would say that over the last year plus there has been responsibility, which has been a positive for myself. I'm not even thinking about those things. This is the place I want to be. I love it here. My family loves it and this is where we consider our home."

Would you be surprised if Joseph Morgan does not compete for a more extensive role next season?
"I think as the season progressed, we've been happy with where he is at right now and his role is going to be a lot more significant next year."
If all you guys remain on staff and Sean Payton returns, do you feel like this whole season could be valuable in some ways as an experience?
"We missed Sean the whole year, since the day he was out of the building (and) what he brings to the table as a head coach (and) his offensive philosophy. Very much, we've missed him. I think for us as a staff, it's probably brought us a little closer and we'll build off of it next year."

Do you see Chase Daniel possibly being a starter in this league?
"We love him. If he receives that opportunity, it would be well-deserved. We want everybody back and we feel very comfortable having had him in that role he was in. I think he's earned that opportunity."

Will you be paying attention to Sean Payton's status, given the uncertain nature of being an assistant coach?
"No, we haven't had time to focus on anything (besides football). We come to work every day to work on the Carolina Panthers. That's all that's on our minds."

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