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Pete Carmichael Talks About Marques Colston, Running Game

Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael met with the media Friday to discuss the running game and Marques Colston approaching the franchise touchdown record


New Orleans Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete CarmichaelPost-Practice Media AvailabilityFriday, November 16, 2012

Can you talk about Marques Colston and his opportunity to break the all-time touchdown record for the Saints?

"Obviously we're aware of it, but it doesn't come up with him. He's going to go out and play his game and if the opportunity comes along in this game (that's great), (but) he's the most unselfish player we have. It hasn't been brought up, but I think everybody is aware of it."

What has it been like having Marques Colston around?

"I think he's been a great leader for that receiver room. He's just, like I said, one of the most unselfish guys. He's happy for his teammates. If they're getting the ball, he's never complaining about whether he has three catches in a game or seven. He's the same Marques Colston every day."

You mentioned Marques Colston being one of the most unselfish players. Is he also one of the quieter players?

"Absolutely, but he's still a leader in that room with the (wide) receivers. Those guys need to look up to him in that (wide receivers) room and do it the way he does it, because he's a true professional."

Did it take you time to learn Marques Colston's personality?

"I think that was a strength of Curtis Johnson when he got here and really forming a good bond with him. You realize pretty quickly that he was the type of guy that we like to have around here. He has a great personality."

It's tough to use four running backs in a game, but you have three guys who are playing well and the potential for a return by Darren Sproles. Is that a dilemma for you to have four running backs?

"It's a good problem to have and we're just going to have to do a good job of mixing these guys in and give them their fair share of reps. We'll see how the game's going, maybe a guy is hot or things are going well in one area of the game."

You guys have traditionally used three running backs in the past. Is it much more difficult to switch to four running backs?

"I think they're all playing well, so I think the plan would be all four."

Do you go into a game with the plan of we'll see which running back gets hot?

"I think part of it is the flow of the game. Part of it is me making sure I'm calling the right plays to give these guys opportunities. Like you said, there are four of them so we just have to be smart with how we're doing it."

Do you think Jimmy Graham was a little caught off guard early in the season with how people were defending him and now he's starting to get the hang of it?

"I think he's been comfortable. I would say he had a few nicks and bruises early in the year that he's played through, but I think the last few games he's played really well."

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