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Pete Carmichael Says Offensive Focus is on Eagles Pass Rush and Converting on Third Down

Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael met with the media on Friday to discuss the offensive performance against the Broncos and to preview Monday's matchup against the Eagles defensive front


New Orleans Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete CarmichaelPost-Practice Media AvailabilityFriday, November 2, 2012Watch Carmichael's Press Conference

Will Travaris Cadet move into Darren Sproles' role?

"Darren is a special guy. Cadet had done some of those things in the preseason. We had moved him to receiver so right now he's focusing on that position. We have Pierre (Thomas) and Mark Ingram. Chris Ivory has a chance to step into a role and those guys pick up. Next man up."

Will Travaris Cadet move back to running back or are you still keeping him at receiver?

"He's kind of moved around a couple of different spots."

Does this mean Chris Ivory is going to get a chance?

"I think we're going to have to have a few guys that pick up the slack. Chris has been patient. He's been great. He's been out at every practice and has given us his all, his best effort. This will be a chance for him to get some opportunities."

Were you able to diagnose what went wrong last week against Denver?

"We give them credit for playing really well. Obviously, the number one thing that stood out is our third down conversion (rate). That's poor and that's not us. We're used to a better standard that that. We spend a lot of time looking at it, whether it was a play call or we didn't execute it. We felt like we spent some extra time on it this week. We just finished having our third down day. We're going to have to pick it up in that area."

The sack numbers from the Eagles defense are down this year. What do you think opposing quarterbacks are doing to keep those numbers down?

"I think the number one thing is you have to get the ball out fast. The three-step and five-step (drop) you have to avoid, the seven-step drops and holding the ball in the pocket. I think everybody is aware of their rushers. They're a fast and athletic defense. Smart football is to get the ball out fast and help your tackles in protection as much as you can."

The two ends are getting shifts in most games. Is that what you're seeing as well?

"Yes, I think that's a trend in the NFL. That's what the smart football teams are doing."

What's your assessment of Drew Brees' play this year?

"You expect greatness. As the play-caller, I have to help him out more. He's had a streak of games where we felt like he's played really well."

What do you see with Jahri Evans and how he's playing this year?

"He's a guy that's there every day. He's durable, like Joe (Vitt) said. He doesn't miss a snap in practice to take it even further. He's a guy that's a leader on our team. The other guys on the offensive line look up to him and respect what he has to say. I think he's played really well. He's a guy that's good for Drew (Brees) because he can keep the pocket from being pushed into his face and that's important for us. I think he's played really well. I think he's played at a high level this year."

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