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Pete Carmichael's Weekly Media Session


New Orleans Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael
Post-Practice Media Availability
Friday, December 21, 2012

What's going to be the biggest challenge for the offense going against the Dallas defense that has some pretty decent rushers on the outside?
"They are a very talented defense. You would say that they have guys on both sides, they're both the outside linebackers/ defensive end type guys, (who) are going to be, almost every week it comes up, (where) we have to really pay particular attention to these guys, where they're lining up and how we can help our tackles with these guys."

How much more are you aware of what DeMarcus Ware is capable of since he came back to play in the 2009 contest between the clubs?
"I think this, he's obviously a very talented player. He plays at a high level. Obviously, we had all the respect in the world for him (from) when we played them that time. Like you said, he was coming off being questionable for the game and he ended up playing. He's a guy that since then we have always respected and know that he's going to be coming full speed ahead."

How refreshing was it to see Mark Ingram make it to the second level on a couple of runs on Sunday?
"It was nice. We ran the ball well as a team last week and we really have, for a period of time, been able to run the ball and it's just a matter of me calling those plays and keep giving those guys opportunities. It was nice to see him break a few, yes."

Has it been tough for him being the youngest guy trying to make something out of a smaller number of opportunities?
"I think that we would always come out of a game, and like you said we've got three or four guys back there that we're trying to get the ball so you end up coming out of a game always thinking 'ah, I wish we'd have gotten this guy the ball more' but there's only ball and we have receivers and tight ends that we're also throwing it to. It's nice to get him more opportunities, yes."

Would you say that this is something Pierre Thomas or Darren Sproles are more accustomed to?
"None of those guys have ever complained. They understand their role on the team and we've been able to, for the most part, really keep those guys healthy, keep them fresh, and we keep trying to get them the ball as many times as we can. There is not one guy complaining. They all know that when Drew (Brees) is throwing it, he's going to get it to the guy that's open. When the carries come up, it's going to be by situation."

Was it good to see Drew Brees bounce back and have a good game?

"He played at a high level. Again, those other games, there were things that he'd like to have back but it wasn't all him. He played at a high level and it was nice to see.

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